Inside Ewan McGregor Divorce, His Love Life Since and The Accomplishments of His Career

For nearly three decades, Ewan McGregor has solidified a reputation as one of Hollywood’s most dependable and consistent stars. He has avoided any scandals whatsoever and has focused on his craft, thus establishing himself as one of the finest actors of his generation.

The Scottish-born fellow has appeared in highly-acclaimed movies and TV series such as Moulin Rouge, Fargo, Trainspotting, and the Star Wars movie series. He has also scooped up several awards and has been named amongst the top 100 movie stars of all time.

Sadly, this flourishing career and reputation have been shaken by a divorce and cheating scandal that engulfed the actor in 2017 after he left his wife of about 22 years for one of his co-stars. What has followed has been a highly-publicized split with tensions running over and his children airing their grievances in public.

Ewan McGregor’s 22-Year Union with Eve Mavrakis

Ewan McGregor was previously in a long-term union with French-born production designer, Eve Mavrakis. He and Eve first met each other while working together on the set of the 1995 TV series, Kavanagh QC. Even though Ewan only appeared in one episode of the series, portraying a character named David Robert Armstrong, this was enough for him to develop an instant attraction to Eve who was on the design team.

Fortunately for him, this attraction was mutual and they went on to wed just after months of being together. The nuptials took place on the 22nd of July 1995, in a French village. The speed with which McGregor and his wife tied the knot led some to wonder if their union would stand the test of time. The pair, however, remained unperturbed and went on to prove the doubting Thomases wrong by staying together for about 22 years.

During this period, the couple supported each other’s respective careers and they both blossomed. Ewan went from newbie to an award winner, starring in works such as Star Wars, Fargo, Moulin Rouge, and Trainspotting. Eve on her own part lent her behind-the-scenes expertise to movies such as Dangerous Liaisons and Imagine Me & You.

Ewan McGregor
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The Couple Share Four Kids

Ewan McGregor and Eve Mavrakis later started their own family, welcoming four daughters; Clara, Jamyan, Esther, and Anouk in the course of their marriage. Jamyan and Anouk were adopted as babies from foreign countries and grew to become part and parcel of the family fabric.

The couple shielded their kids from the spotlight, preferring to spend quality time with them. They also avoided splashing out on extravagant gifts on them and gave them a childhood as normal as possible. All these made for a functional family unit and this was further bolstered after McGregor decided that the entire family should follow his wife’s Judaism faith.

The Divorce That No One Saw Coming

Ewan McGregor and his wife were able to make their union work for 22 years. This was a long time by any standard and it made them an admired couple. It, therefore, came as a rude shock when news of their separation filtered out. The whole thing became even more scandalous when it became obvious that the actor had simply left his wife because of his Fargo co-star, Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

According to reports, McGregor informed his wife that he had fallen in love with another person in May 2017. They separated that same month and in January 2018, he formally filed for divorce. The actor requested joint legal and physical custody of his three minor children and indicated his willingness to pay spousal support.

Eve, on her own part, requested for sole physical custody with visitation rights for him. While the divorce was pending, it became obvious that Eve did not want the marriage to end and that her ex had dumped her for another woman. For instance, one of her Instagram followers once commented that “I can’t believe Evan would end things with U for that cheap W. U are so much better than him. Take him for every penny u can” to which the production designer replied, “What Can I Do”.

This scenario made it obvious that it was Ewan who wanted out of the marriage. It also implied that the actor had cheated on his wife but he maintained that things never got physical with Mary before he confessed to his wife. This was however not enough to pacify either Eve or the children.

Ewan McGregor
With eldest daughter, Clara Image Source

Their eldest child, Clara, took to her social media to describe Elisabeth as a piece of trash and her father as an asshole. She also alluded to the fact that the duo wrecked her mother’s marriage. The couple’s second eldest child, Esther, equally released a song titled “Made You a Man” in January 2018 in which she accused her father of ruining her.

Amidst all this drama, the couple’s divorce was finalized in August 2020. They were given joint legal and physical custody of their nine-year-old daughter, Anouk, while Ewan McGregor was asked to pay his wife $14,934 and $35,868 as monthly child and spousal support. The actor and his ex-wife also agreed to split their assets, including any future residual income and royalties from the movies that he did during their time together. The Fargo star would, however, retain income stemming from any movies that he did after their listed date of separation which is May 2017. The whole agreement was reasonable and ensured that McGregor did not take a big hit to his estimated $45 million net worth.

Ewan McGregor’s Three Year Plus Romance with Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Ewan McGregor is still going strong with Mary Elizabeth Winstead. He and the American actress/singer have managed to stick together despite all the scrutiny and public condemnation they have faced. Some tabloid reports have claimed that Mary had called off the relationship because she couldn’t stand the embarrassment of being labeled a homewrecker. The tabloids also claimed that Ewan wanted to get back with his former wife but all of this is false as the movie stars are still clinging to each other.

In March 2020, the couple were spotted taking a walk with their dog in New York City. They both wore casual outfits and linked their arms together during the stroll. Ewan and Mary also worked together at the premiere of the 2020 superhero movie, Birds of Prey.

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Ewan Mcgregor with Mary Elizabeth Winstead image source

Some of the Accolades that Ewan McGregor Has Won in His Career

Ewan McGregor commenced his career by featuring in plays during his days at Guildhall School of Music and Drama. He later landed his first role in a television series titled Lipstick on Your Collar where he portrayed the character of PTE Mick Hopper in 1993. That same year, he landed another role as Julien Sorel in a television show titled Scarlet and Black.

McGregor got his breakthrough role in 1995 in the Danny Boyle-directed film, Trainspotting. The film captured a bunch of drug addicts living in squalor in England and McGregor portrayed the lead role of Mark Renton. His excellent performance fetched him several accolades, including the best actor award from the London Film Critics Circle, the BAFTA Scotland Awards, and Empire Magazine.

Since that time, McGregor has gone on to feature in about 64 movies and 16 TV series. He has also consistently returned to the stage to feature in acclaimed theatrical productions. All these have earned him a number of award nominations from the Golden Globe Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, London Critics Circle, Critics Choice, Hollywood Film, and Festival awards. He has managed to clinch some of these awards like the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor Miniseries for his performance in Fargo.

McGregor Has an Uncle Who is Also a Movie Star

Ewan McGregor with his parents and uncle, Denis Lawson Image Source

Ewan McGregor’s parents are James Charles Stewart “Jim” and Carol Diane. His father retired as a physical education teacher and careers master at Morrison’s Academy while his mother worked as a teacher at Crieff High School before she went on to serve as deputy headteacher at Kingspark School in Dundee.

Ewan is not an only child as he has an elder brother named Colin who was in the Royal Air Force as a Tornado GR4 pilot. Interestingly, he does have another family member in the entertainment industry, his uncle Denis Lawson, a celebrated actor, and filmmaker.

Lawson has featured in several movies, TV series, and theatrical productions, including Local Hero, New Tricks, and Star Wars. He is, however, most famous for his portrayal of the lead character of John Jarndyce in a BBC series titled Bleak House.


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