Explosion On-Board Somali Aircraft Confirmed As A Bomb

A blast which led to a large hole in the fuselage of a passenger Dallo Airlines plane that was forced to make a hasty landing at Somali’s Mogadishu airport on Tuesday, has been confirmed to have been caused by a bomb. Transport Minister Ali Ahmed Jamac said; “it was a bomb that exploded in the Dallo Airlines flight. It was meant to kill all aboard”.

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The plane had been on the way to Djibouti with a total of 70 passengers but was forced to make an emergency landing following the blast. Two passengers were injured while one was sucked out of the plane and died. Following the incident, Dallo Airlines had said in a statement that an investigation into the incident was being opened both by Somalia’s Civil Aviation Authority and a technical team from the owners of the aircraft.


The reports suggest that the bomb could possibly have been hidden in the laptop of one of the passengers and no militant group has so far taken responsibility for the explosion. Serbian captain Vlatko Vodopivec said it was his first bomb and he would hopefully never see anything like it again, he said the blast occurred when the plane was at around 11,000 ft and “It would have been much worse if we were higher,”.

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Somalia is currently battling militant Islamist group al-Shabab which has been carrying out deadly attacks with an end game of establishing an Islamic State, Dallo Airlines which regularly flies from its base in Dubai to Somalia and Djibouti, may have been a mere victim of this agenda or any of the many agendas being fought on different fronts. We just remain thankful that the loss and injury on the flight was kept at a minimum.