Everyone, or make that almost everyone knows the saying “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, now we’re not sure if that was the inspiration for this particular fashion evolution that we’ll go right ahead and categorize as painful looking more than anything else. But this fashion trend that will hopefully remain a minority trend eschews the variety of awesome sunglasses and shades on the market, scales over the love of colored contact lenses and takes accentuating the eyes to the next level with jewelry for the eyes.

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Now we’re not talking about diamond studded contact lenses; we wish we were, but we’re not. Introducing the actually long-enduring trend, especially among the Dutch; cosmetic 3.5 mm eye jewelry pieces, often in the shape of a heart or a half-moon. They are inserted beneath the conjunctiva (the skin that covers the white of the eye) yet on top of the sclera (the actual white of the eye). Yes all these technicalities are necessary, we are after all discussing the very sensitive site of vision.

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Eye specialists have over the years argued and brought out proof that the procedure is potentially dangerous. In 2004, the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) stated that the implants may cause scar tissue or allow bacteria to get under the conjunctiva which could go on to erode the sclera or cause other vision threatening infections besides. Still instances of people going for the cosmetic procedure persist.


Yet another procedure in the eye-beautifying league features what is known as an Eyeball tattoo. In this case, the tattoo is injected into the eye by way of a needle and this time around it doesn’t even have the status of being carried out by eye doctors as it often takes place in tattoo parlors. Again the risk in this procedure is very high and could cause problems with vision. So why do cases of this cosmetic procedures even persist? Are the results even attractive? We guess, “Beauty does indeed lie in the eyes of the beholder”.

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