Facebook Currently Testing Video Replies To Comments

Facebook may soon allow users respond to comments using videos. The feature is currently undergoing tests in a number of countries and it will let users record and then post video replies on Facebook’s iOS and Android apps and via its website.

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According to a report by VentureBeat, the company is trying out the new tool in order to, “give people different tools to share fun, expressive content with their friends on Facebook,”.

The tool will be relatively easy to use, requiring the user to simply click reply in the same way they normally would with a text response. When the text box loads, they would then have to click the camera icon and change the camera mode to video.

Facebook also assures that the  videos would not autoplay in newsfeed for those who may be worried about data wastage.

Video Replies

Some users have already seen notifications highlighting the feature but these will not necessarily be displayed. The company has also not provided the exact scope of this particular trial, with no details given on the exact locations it is being tried out.

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Videos are fast becoming a hugely efficient way of engaging a fast paced audience especially with the advent of Snapchat, Instagram and other social media sites that heavily lean on videos.

For this reason the move by Facebook in inculcating video replies is not especially surprising. In June 2015, the company had already tweaked its newsfeed algorithm to favour videos being posted by news organisations and publications and by November the company had revealed that eight billion views were being made on its videos each day, double the amount of daily views from April.

The company had also introduced video calling in its Messenger app and one of its acquisitions, WhatsApp is also reportedly testing a video calling feature. It will be interesting to see how video replies to comments will fare when it is finally introduced.