Facebook Messenger Games To Transform Facebook Chats

Facebook has come up with an idea to keep users more engaged with the app – Facebook Messenger games.

Facebook Messenger games will keep users engaged through fun and easy-to-play games on the app. The games only work on the phones of those using the latest version of Facebook Messenger.

There are three games currently available.

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facebook messenger games football

Everyone loves football – at least Facebook thinks so. Not exactly like the table football, but quite as entertaining. The hidden facebook football game can make conversations more fun especially when in a rut. To play the game, just send your friend (or whoever you are chatting with) the Facebook Messanger football emoji. Tap on the sent emoji and voila!


facebook messenger games basketball

If you would rather dunk than play football, Facebook has got you covered. Just like the hidden football game, send Facebook messenger’s basketball emoji to the person you are chatting with, then tap on the sent emoji. This would launch the hidden basketball game.

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 facebook messenger games chess

For the board game lovers who couldn’t care less about the swiping Football and Basketball games, there’s chess. In order to play the game, send ‘@fbchess play’ to a chat. This will cause a chess board to appear in the chat – just like that. Playing the chess game is not as easy as the first two games and can be brain-racking, but we are sure chess lovers do not mind.

You need to remember the locations and type ‘ @fbchess’ every time you want to make a move. Also, first letters of the different chess pieces are used. P stands for pawn, R for rook, N for knight, B for bishop, Q for queen, and K for king. For example, moving a pawn to e8 means you have to type ‘ @fbchess Pe8’.

Not quite hard when you get the hang of it.