Facebook Original Shows

Everything Facebook touches seems to turn to gold. Cases in point Whatsapp and Instagram. So the thought of Facebook original shows has us very excited. Facebook and movies seems to be a match made in heaven.

The social media giant apparently has plans to join the likes of Netflix to produce original shows. With that, Facebook will be moving beyond the content uploaded by users to the platform which are mostly short skits or adverts for products.

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Currently, the original show arena is ruled by Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu but anyone who has seen the rise and rise of Facebook should be pretty weary of having Facebook original shows as competition.

Cable TV has already been losing viewership to the different platforms that users have begun turning to for entertainment one of which is Facebook. With Facebook original shows, people will likely burn even more time logged on to the platform or to whatever channel they chose to broadcast from.

Facebook Original Shows

Business Insider says that Facebook plans to have both large, longer programs (which will have bigger production budgets), and short programs of about 10 minutes per episode that will refresh every 24 hours.

The social media giant intends to start with 24 shows, an impressive roster but Facebook has never been known to do anything small. According to Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg:

“The goal is going to be creating some anchor content initially that helps people learn that the video tab [is] a great destination where they can explore, and come to Facebook with the intent to watch the videos that they want. And then the long-term goal is actually not to be paying for specific content like that, but doing a revenue share model once the whole economy around video on Facebook is built up.”

The move to create Facebook original shows Facebook ties into Facebook’s work to make its advertising model so compelling that media companies will make TV-quality video for its platform without being paid to do so. They are therefore exploring a revenue-share model.

Some serious competition for Facebook original shows

With the move, Facebook joins newcomers to the original show game like YouTube which is planning to offer 15-to-25 YouTube Originals on their subscription service, YouTube Red. There is also Snap Inc. which is reportedly working with NBCUniversal, the BBC, A+E Networks, and the NFL on Snapchat-based programming.

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One of Business Insider’s sources for the report claims that a virtual-reality dating show from Conde Nast Entertainment, in which people go on first dates in VR before meeting in real life, has already been greenlit.

Does that sound like something you would watch?