Facebook's next level

What is the most attractive thing about Facebook for us? Is it the social media platform’s ability to allow us to share important events with our loved ones or maybe even reconnect with old acquaintances? Well, Facebook’s next level looks to be even more promising.

When Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, set out on a cross-country trip at the beginning of the year as part of his yearly goals, speculations immediately began. The major one was that Zuckerberg hoped to get into politics and maybe at some time in the near future, become the US President.

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Although Zuckerberg was quick to deny such speculations, a lot of people were hard pressed to believe him. So when Zuckerberg made another post reiterating that fact on Sunday, the post could have been just another denial but it went further to give us a possible glimpse of Facebook’s next level.

The Facebook CEO wrote in a Facebook post that our environment, including our friends and family, are crucial to how we live. In his words;

“My biggest takeaway so far is that our relationships shape us more than we think – how we consider opportunities, how we process information, and how we form habits…There is a lot of discussion about inequality, but one under-looked dimension of inequality is in the makeup of our social networks.”

In essence, inequality can also severely limit the people that we have access to. He expands on this point by referencing the myth of people having more information being able to make better decisions.

Facebook's next level

The CEO and recent Harvard degree holder shared some stories to illustrate his point but being that we are focused on Facebook’s next level, we want to consider the hints he gave about where Facebook might be going. According to him;

“Facebook has been focused on helping you connect with people you already know. We’ve built AI systems to recommend “People You May Know”. But it might be just as important to also connect you with people you should know — mentors and people outside your circle who care about you and can provide a new source of support and inspiration,”

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As examples, he said that we could possibly build a digital Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. Basically, any connection that could be encouraged to enable more people to live better lives.

It is definitely an interesting idea and it will be fun to see how Facebook’s next level does come about and help us connect even more.