Mandi Gosling Biography – 5 Interesting Facts About Ryan Gosling’s Sister

Popular for being the sister of American Hollywood actor and The Notebook star Ryan Gosling, Mandi Gosling has inked her name on the minds of many following her must-notice appearance at the 2017 Oscars.

Born on the 1st of January, 1977 in London, Canada to Donna and Thomas Gosling, a high school teacher and a traveling salesperson respectively, Mandi’s parents raised her alongside her brother, Ryan. They, however, separated and their mother took over their upbringing to adulthood. Growing up, Mandi learned ballet and singing, and usually performed alongside Ryan at various stage shows. She later studied Journalism and Political Science at the California State University Northridge (CSUN), graduating in 2011.

As earlier hinted, Mandi Gosling struck off a wild sensation on the media after she stormed the 89th Academy Awards gala as his kid brother’s date, dressed to kill. The ceremony which was held on 26th February 2017 saw many necks turning and tongues wagging over the dazzling glitzy blonde with a very ‘outstanding’ cleavage seated beside actor Ryan Gosling. Many were wondering if Ryan had dropped his longtime partner and babies mama, Eva Mendes. Well, it turned into a totally different reaction when people got to know that she was just the Hollywood star’s elder sister.

Mandi Gosling and Ryan Gosling
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Meanwhile, Mandi Gosling is a producer, singer and theater arts performer. Among her major works are American television series, Miss Advised (2012) and Dateline NBC (1992) which she both co-produced. She also did the casting for Pharrell Williams‘ Grammy Award-winning music video, “Happy”. In addition to these, are a lot more interesting things to know about this Ryan Gosling’s sister. Let’s check them out!

5 Interesting Facts About Mandi Gosling – Ryan Gosling’s Sister

1. She Helped in Raising Ryan

Following their parent’s separation, Mandi and Ryan’s mother took over their upbringing, with Mandi helping out in taking care of Ryan who was much younger. Ryan once revealed in an interview that Mandi was his hero while they were growing up, pointing out that she had great influence on his attitude and way of thinking. He even followed her to dance classes and also did ballet and singing performances with her. Ryan said he grew up liking women more and according to his judgment, women are better than men.

Presently, Mandi is still very much interested in everything that concerns her brother. She supports his acting career as well as his family, being a loving aunt and god-mother to Ryan’s two kids, Esmeralda Amada Gosling (born September 12, 2014) and Amada Lee Gosling (born April 29, 2016).

2. Red Carpet Has Been Her ‘Thing’

Although Mandi got widespread public attention after the 2017 Oscars appearance with kid brother Ryan, that wasn’t her first time. She has always been a pro when it comes to red carpet business. Over the years, Mandi has always stolen the show at grande occasions, riding on her brother’s success and fame. Among her numerous appearances are at the 2006 Gotham Awards, Fracture and Lars and the Real Girl premieres both in 2007, the 79th Academy Awards with Ryan nominated in four different categories for his role in Half-Nelson, and the 2008 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

On every one of the occasions, Mandi got necks turning over and over after her. She once got late legendary actor O’Toole’s neck turning too!

3. Mandi was once a Judge Julian Beck Awardee

Mandi Gosling graduated from the California State University as the Most Outstanding student which earned her the prestigious Judge Julian Beck Award. While a student of CSUN, she served as one of the hosts of the university’s television program, On-Point. She has made an appearance in an episode of the U.S television program, Extra.

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4. She Owns a YouTube Channel

Mandi Gosling owns and manages a self-titled YouTube channel. She uses it as a medium for sharing her recorded performances and video clips. She also has a lot of clips from her university’s TV show, On-Point, as well as those of Valley View News.

5. She Prefers to Operate Behind the Camera

It’s not as if Mandi Gosling hasn’t done enough in the entertainment field to earn her public attention, she appears to prefer keeping a low profile. This is also applicable to her private matters, especially her love affairs which have remained a mystery. Although it is obvious that Mandi has not married yet, no one knows if she is dating or not. To make matters more elusive, she never divulges her personal matters on social media.


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