Facts About Enhle Mbali and DJ Black Coffee’s Divorce Terms and How They Got There

The marriage between two of South Africa’s most recognized celebrities – actress Enhle Mbali and DJ Black Coffee (real name Nkosinathi Maphumulo) has been a source of admiration and envy to very many of their fans over the years. Their union has been closely followed by many who shared in their joys and achievements since they had their traditional wedding ceremony in 2011.

These well-wishers also shared in the couple’s joy when they welcomed their children, acquired new assets, went on dream vacations, etc. As such, their fans and indeed most internet-savvy South Africans were also there to either offer support or criticism when things were no longer going well between the couple.

Enhle Mbali and DJ Black Coffee’s Divorce and the Terms Proposed So Far

When Enhle Mbali filed for divorce in October 2019, one of the reasons she listed was that her husband was unfaithful in their marriage, hence, she wants their union dissolved. At this point, we learned that DJ Black Coffee made an initial offer for her to move out of their matrimonial home and look for any house of her choice which he was willing to pay for. He was also willing to take care of their children by providing for them, but the actress refused this offer and tabled hers through her lawyers instead.

From the things she is demanding from her estranged partner, it is obvious that Enhle is pulling all the stops to get her pound of flesh for all the years she invested in the marriage.

Her List of Demands in the Divorce

  • R4 million, to aid her in hiring lawyers to mount a fair legal battle with her husband.
  • R100,000 monthly, as maintenance fee which will include child support.
  • R17,000 monthly, to cover her beauty expenses.
  • R30,000 monthly allowance, to continue as she was being given before the divorce.
  • An undisclosed amount to settle her medical bills, incurred as a result of the depression caused by the stress of their separation and the divorce proceedings.
  • Monthly petrol allowance (undisclosed)
  • Monthly shopping allowance (undisclosed)

DJ Black Coffee’s lawyers consider her demands outrageous and have refused to give in to it. They are currently contesting this in court – which is one of the main reasons why Enhle Mbali and DJ Black Coffee’s divorce is still lingering and not yet finalized.

Meanwhile, tweeps have weighed in on the matter with many applauding the actress for her demands.

On the other hand, some Twitter posts condemned the way she was pulling the knives out in her divorce battle with black Coffee.

In all, Enhle Mbali and DJ Black Coffee have Twitter divided and we are yet to see the end of it. However, we can say a thing or two about how they got here.

A Breakdown of How Enhle Mbali and Black Coffee Went From Perfect Couple To Divorce Court

When news broke that Enhle Mbali had filed for divorce from her husband of 8 years and the father of her 2 children, a divided opinion ensued. This is not only amongst the fans of the couple but also the nation as well. While some were solidly behind Mbali – especially when her reasons for divorce became known, others chided her and supported her husband.

Let us explain in more detail what really happened between the couple that has led them down the road to divorce and eternal separation.

The Actions and Allegations That Preceded Their Breakup

The romance between Enhle Mbali and DJ Black Coffee that eventually led to their traditional marriage in 2011, has always been the toast of both their fans in South Africa and all over the world. As is most common in the lives and marriages of the famous, rich, and powerful, their marriages are always the business of the general public, with or without their consent.

Black Coffee and Mbali’s marriage has had its fair share of challenges with most of the accusing fingers pointing in the direction of DJ Black Coffee. Mbali has stated that her husband has cheated on her on numerous occasions and we’ll look at a few of them which led to her filing for divorce in 2018.

1. The Sex Tape Saga

In 2014, a lady from Free State attempted to blackmail DJ Black Coffee by demanding R100,000 from him in order not to make public a sex tape involving him and one of his fans who is a model. Though DJ Black Coffee initially agreed to pay her R20,000 in exchange for the videotape, he asked his manager to report the blackmail to the authorities who promptly picked up the lady after collecting the cash.

DJ Black Coffee would eventually admit to actually having an affair with the lady in the video several years later.

2. The Emergence of Two Baby Mamas

Some years after this, rumors surfaced again that DJ Black Coffee had impregnated 2 different women out of wedlock and they had given birth to 2 children for him – just a few months apart. He never accepted that this was true and didn’t deny it either. This sparked off a heated and prolonged debate on social media with some castigating him while a few others showed relatable support for his alleged actions.

3. Getting Too Cozy with Cathy Guetta

In 2019, Cathy Guetta – ex-wife of popular DJ David Guetta, posted a video on social media – particularly on her Instagram handle, in which she and the DJ were seen hugging each other a number of times during a gig. She stated that it had been a long time since they saw each other and was definitely happy seeing him again, but “Black Twitter” wasn’t having any of that and called out both the DJ and Cathy for her “inappropriate” public display of affection towards Mbali’s hubby.

Many accused him of cheating on his wife with Cathy, and he took to his Twitter handle to address the issue by setting the records straight. He chastised the social media lynch mob and stated that Cathy was simply a business partner – now and in the foreseeable future.

The foregoing are some of the known allegations, and possibly others that are not known to the public, which prompted Mbali to file for divorce from her hubby of 8 years.

Why Both Parties Are Yet To Reach An Agreement In The Divorce Storm

Both Enhle Mbali and DJ Black Coffee have stated in separate interviews that they tried everything they could for about a year before she finally filed for divorce to save their marriage. They tried to work out their differences, work on his infidelity issues, and even took counseling sessions – all in the bid to save their union and avoid putting their young children through the difficulties of a messy and prolonged divorce.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t find common ground, and things had fallen apart beyond redemption. For now, the divorce proceedings are on hold as a result of the demands Mbali is bringing to the table. Black Coffee’s lawyers are pushing for better terms for their clients while Mbali doesn’t seem ready to back down. She really feels like she has been pushed to the wall and there’s no going back.


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