Facts About Ibrahim Chatta’s Biography and How He Built His Net Worth

The story of Ibrahim Chatta and his rise to fame is an inspiring one and the man behind that name has never failed to use any opportunity he finds to tell his story. A hugely talented man who is also blessed with very good looks, Ibrahim Chatta, a Nigerian actor has grown over the years from obscurity to full-blown superstardom and is regarded as one of the highly sought-after actors in the industry, given his strong acting prowess.

Having kickstarted his acting career since he was only a teenager, Chatta has spent decades in the Nigerian film industry and is now one of the veterans providing guidance to teeming members of the younger generation of actors and filmmakers. Known for his passion and great drive for achieving success, Ibrahim Chatta has earned respect for his craft and is also admired for his youthful looks.

Summary Of Ibrahim Chatta’s Personal Profile

  • Name: Ibrahim Abiodun Chatta
  • Place of birth: Bacita Town, Kwara State, Nigeria
  • Date of birth: 14 October 1970
  • Age: 50 years old
  • Popularly known as: Ibrahim Chatta
  • Most notable work: Mafi wonmi, Olokiki Oru: The Midnight Sensation

What Ibrahim Chatta’s Early Days Looked Like

Ibrahim Chatta was born on the 14th day of October in the year 1970. He is now 50 years old. The actor was born in Bacita, a very lively town in the Edu Local Government Area of Kwara State, Nigeria. This was where he grew up. Bacita was lively because it played host to the now comatose Nigeria Sugar Company and was a very important commercial hub at some point in Nigeria.

Growing up, Chatta was a very stubborn child and often got into trouble. The actor made this known himself. According to him, he was influenced by peer pressure as a child and rarely stayed in school. This made him have issues with his father while growing up because his father wanted him to be in school by all means.

Did He Have Higher Education?

Ibrahim Chatta did not have enough education growing up. When he was very little, he was always running out of school even though he was forced to go back by his father. He eventually managed to complete his Primary School education in Bacita town and consequently enrolled in a secondary school.

However, the actor eventually dropped out of secondary and never went back to finish. He explained that even though he did not finish secondary school, he learned to adapt to the situation and taught himself many things. Today, he speaks fluent English and is respected despite his lack of quality education.

In 2018, Chatta revealed that he has decided to go back to school. According to him, he was planning to read more and make up for the education he did not take seriously as a child. He also joked that perhaps he could become a professor before he died. In a 2020 interview he had with Tribune, he revealed that he enrolled in a college of education in Ikire, Osun State.

Looking back at how things have played out so well in his life despite his lack of education as a young man, Chatta has often expressed his gratitude to God and has always maintained that he is a lucky man.

Who Are His Parents?

Very little is known about Ibrahim Chatta’s parents or what they did for a living. We however know that he was very close to his father. The actor made this known himself in a 2018 interview with The PUNCH. He explained that the only issue he had with his father was his refusal to go to school when he was a kid. Apart from that, he later grew to become very close to the older man. Unfortunately, Chatta’s has passed on.

Information about Chatta’s mother remains very scarce. However, some reports have claimed that she is from Modakeke, Osun State. Details about what she did for a living are unknown. We, however, know that she passed away in 2018. Eulogizing her, Chatta once described his mother as a bold woman who taught him to be bold and fight for his right.

Who Are His Siblings?

In the same vein, not much is known about Ibrahim Chatta’s siblings. The actor is not known to talk much about who they are. However, in his 2018 interview with The PUNCH, the actor made mention of the fact he has a younger sister although he didn’t state her name. According to him, his sister is big-boned unlike him who has a smaller stature just like their father.

How Ibrahim Fell In Love With Acting

Ibrahim Chatta fell in love with acting when he was very little. This was because he was exposed to the theatre as a child and saw veteran actors act dramas on stage. Explaining how this happened, Chatta revealed that at the time he was just a little child, the Bacita Town where he was born was a very bubbly place filled with excitement especially because of the presence of the Nigerian Sugar Company.

The sugar factory made the town a very important place and attracted people from all over the country and the world. Because of the importance of the town, people of different nationalities were all present in Bacita including Indians and others. So, Chatta ended up attending primary school with Indian children and people from other cultures. But the most exciting part of everything was that actors, who saw how relevant the town could make them, were almost coming around to stage plays in the place.

Ibrahim Chatta explained that he and other children were always excited when they went to see the plays which were often staged by veteran thespians. They were often so thrilled that after every play, they would go back home and try to replicate the dramas by using their mothers’ wrappers as pieces of cotton and play around as if they were on stage. He was so captivated by the thought of acting that it affected virtually everything he did. This was mainly why he refused to complete his education because he did not want schooling to interfere with his passion for acting.

He Began Acting At Age 15

Ibrahim Chatta revealed that he was so passionate about acting as a young child after watching actors on stage that he started looking for ways to act himself. Finally, in 1985, when he was just 15 years old, he started acting after getting himself noticed by theatre troupes. He started out by acting on stage before transitioning to the movies. On stage was where he found great joy and he worked very hard to could interpret the roles he was given.

Eventually, Chatta started landing roles in movies. He acted primarily in movies made in the Yoruba language. And because he is so fluent in Yoruba, he found it very easy to play the roles he was given by directors. Over the years, he has starred in dozens of movies, evolving into a household name.

The Works That Pushed Him To The Limelight

Having been in the industry for about three decades, Ibrahim Chatta has starred in dozens of movies some of which are highly acclaimed especially among Yoruba people. Some of his best-known works include Atini o’go, a film produced in 2006. He is also known for the 2008 film, Mafi wonmi.

Some of the actor’s popular works also include Odun baku released in 2006, Iru kileyi released in 2007, Òmìn and Olo released in 2008, Òréré layé released in 2009, Eberu adigun released in 2010 as well as Olokiki Oru: The Midnight Sensation released in 2019.

The actor also starred in the mainstream Nigerian dark psychological thriller film, October 1 in 2014 for which he got some praise. The actor has become a major force to reckon with in the film industry. However, even though he is such a consummate professional, Chatta has also revealed that there are certain roles he can never play. According to him, he can never play the role of a gay man because he can never imagine himself being touched by another man.

How Wealthy Is Ibrahim Chatta Today? 

There is no doubt at all that Ibrahim Chatta is a wealthy man. Having been in the industry for three decades and having starred in dozens of movies, it is clear that he has been able to rake in a fortune for himself over the years.

However, the actor’s exact net worth is not very certain as conflicting figures have been given by different about how much money he has made. This is notwithstanding, it is believed that Ibrahim Chatta’s net worth ranges between $1.6 million to $1.9 million at the moment.

How The Actor Made His Money

Ibrahim Chatta has made his money through different means over the years. Let’s take a look at some of these ways.

  • He Has So Movie Credits

Ibrahim Chatta has starred in so many movies since his career started and he apparently gets paid for his work. The actor once explained that when he initially began his career as a teenager, he was receiving peanuts as salary. However, as time went on and he started getting bigger, he started earning much more money for his work.

  • He Has Transitioned To Directing And Production

Ibrahim Chatta does not make money only through acting. The veteran thespian is also a director and movie producer. He transitioned to directing and movie production as he got bigger in the industry. Some of the movies he has directed include Odun baku in 2006 and Mafi wonmi in 2008. He is also the producer of the 2019 movie, Olokiki Oru: The Midnight Sensation. In addition to this, the actor is also a screenplay writer.

  • He is a singer

Apart from his acting talent, Ibrahim Chatta is also a talented singer. Chatta has released some party jams that have been celebrated by his many fans. Some of the songs he has released include “Area”, “My Money”, “Boom Boom Boom”, and “Friday Night” among others.

Artwork for Ibrahim Chatta’s single, “Friday Night”.

The actor has also performed movie soundtracks and has also been contracted to voice lots of jungles using the Yoruba dialect.

  • He Has A Farm

In his 2020 interview with Tribune, Ibrahim Chatta revealed that he actually has a farm that he has invested in. According to him, he likes farming and is making all the moves necessary to make his farm business a huge one.

  • He Has A Film Company

In addition to being an actor, director, and movie producer, Chatta also has a film company. He revealed this in the interview with Tribune. According to him, he had already invested a lot of money into his film company by acquiring professional film equipment and was working feverishly to turn the company into an intermediary between the film-makers and the people that will bankroll their project.

Apparently, Ibrahim Chatta is not just an actor but also a businessman who is raking in income through different streams.

Inside Ibrahim Chatta’s Marriages

Ibrahim Chatta’s career has moved to great heights almost without seamlessly. However, the same can not be said about his marriage. He has had to ensure some very unfavorable times in his marital life.

The actor has been married twice but before his marriages, he already had a child from another woman called Olayinka Solomon. The exact time that Chatta and Olayinka got together is not certain. However, according to reports, they were very much in love and had a son together in 2008. Their son is called Malik.

His First Marriage Ended Controversially

After he parted ways with Olayinka Solomon, Ibrahim Chatta moved on and soon fell in love with another woman called Salamatu Lafiagi who happens to be the daughter of a Nigerian senator and former governor of Kwara State, Shaaba Lafiagi.

Ibrahim Chatta
Ibrahim Chatta and Salamat

It is certain exactly when they met and started dating but we know that the couple got married on December 30th, 2012. As expected, their wedding was an elaborate one befitting the daughter of a senator and a prominent actor. The wedding was also graced by many prominent Nigerians.

However, the marriage did not last long as it crashed in 2014.

Why The Marriage Crashed

When news of their divorce emerged, different rumors began to spread about why the marriage ended. One of such rumors was that Ibrahim Chatta was a wife-beater who battered his wife terribly she had to leave the marriage. However, Chatta has vehemently denied this allegation and has dared anyone who has evidence to come forward and prove that he really did beat Salamat.

Another theory about why the marriage crashed was that Salamat who was brought up in luxury and deep comfort being the daughter of a senator did not find the living conditions in Chatta’s home at Ikotun, a suburb of Lagos, very comforting. Some reports claimed that Salamat’s mother once visited her daughter at Chatta’s home and was devastated at the poor living conditions. The situation got so bad that Salama had to leave.

This theory has also been debunked by Chatta. His own version of why the marriage crashed was that Salamat had no love for him anymore. He explained that there were trust sues between them and Salamat even told him openly that she had stopped loving him. He begged her to stay but eventually, the marriage crashed.

His Second Marriage Is To A Fellow Movie Star

After his marriage to Salamat ended, Ibrahim Chatta moved on and found love again in the arms of a fellow thespian, Olaide Aishat who is more popularly known as Lizzy Berry. The couple tied the knot as husband and wife in October 2016. The wedding was initially kept a secret but information about the event was leaked only a week to the wedding.

Chatta and Lizzy Berry welcomed their first child, a son in February 2017 in Ibadan. The couple welcomed their second child, this time a girl in March 2020.

So far, Ibrahim Chatta and his wife, Lizzy Berry are having it very well, and there no signs whatsoever that there is trouble in paradise for them.

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