Jackie Appiah Net Worth, Son and Former Husband Peter Agyeman

Jackie Appiah is a Canadian-born Ghanaian award-winning actress who has amassed a net worth of $800,000.

Jackie’s work as an actress speaks for itself and it has brought her wide attention. Her personal life has also been a topic of discussion as she was previously married to Peter Agyeman, but their union only lasted three years. The duo have a sn named Damien.

A Lot of Jackie Appiah’s $800,000 Net Worth Comes from a Filmography with Over 76 Credits

Jackie Appiah made her acting debut in 2004 in Divine Love, where she played the leading role of Kate. According to her, it was not the most outstanding performance. Regardless, it was more than enough to announce her presence on the West African movie stage.

Since her debut, she has gone on to star in more than 75 movies across Ghana and Nigeria. Some of her career-defining works include The Black Soul, Stigma, Mummy’s Daughter. Although the West African movie scene is not as lucrative as its Hollywood counterpart, Jackie Appiah’s talent and sheer body of work have made her rich. Some of her films include –

  • The Devil and the Red Sea
  • Sala
  • Mugabe
  • Still Standing
  • Stigma of Womanhood
  • Death After Birth, and several others

It is hard to pinpoint the movies that earned her the most amount of money, but together, they have all helped Jackie Appiah to a net worth just shy of the $1 million mark. Asides from financial recognition, she has also received a few critical recognitions. She has received an award for Best Actress in a Leading Roles and Best Actress in a Supporting Role from the Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Her Fame Has Also Earned Her a Lot of Money Via Endorsements

If there is one notable side effect of Jackie Appiah’s acting career, it is fame, and with it, she has built a considerable portfolio as a brand ambassador. Since she made her on-screen debut in 2004, Appiah has become one of the most coveted faces for brands, products, and services.

She has featured in a plethora of commercials for various companies across several industries. She has appeared in commercials for Ghana Social Marketing Foundation (GSMF), promoting awareness about HIV/AIDS and the telecom company, Globacom. Other companies or products in her portfolio include –

  • Class Perfumes
  • UB Hair Relaxer
  • Intercom Programming & Manufacturing Co. Ltd
  • Omolewa Cosmetics
  • Hair Now Now
  • Perla Water


Like her movies, how much each commercial/ambassadorship fetched her remains undisclosed. Regardless, they have all been notable contributors to Jackie Appiah’s enviable net worth. But while things have mostly been great in her professional life, the story is a little different in her personal life.

Her Marriage to Peter Agyemang Lasted Three Years and Produced One Son

Shortly after she made her debut as an actress, Jackie Appiah got married to Peter Agyemang. He is reportedly a businessman who dated the actress for months before their marriage. As someone who relishes keeping her personal life private, Jackie has shared very little about her relationship with the public.

However, we know that they got married shortly after giving birth to their son and Appiah’s only child, Damien Agyemang. Unfortunately, sharing a child and the promise of forever after was not enough to keep the couple together for years.

After three years of marriage, Jackie Appiah and Peter Agyemang parted ways. The cause of their divorce remains unclear to date, only that it was an irreconcilable difference. During their divorce, there were flying accusations of Peter describing Appiah as a liar and people in Appiah’s camp calling him a dangerous man.

Whatever the truth was, the couple eventually finalized their divorce in 2008. Since its completion, Peter has stayed out of the media spotlight, suggesting the ex-couple share silent mutual respect, or he has left the picture entirely. Regardless, she has had full custody of their son.

Jackie Appiah’s Son, Damien Agyemang, is the Nephew of the late Joe Appiah

Jackie Appiah son
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Like everything else about her personal life, Jackie Appiah has managed to keep many details about her son out of media reach. However, a few social media posts have pointed to certain facts about him, such as the fact he was born in October 2005.

He is the grandson of Kwabena Appiah, the younger brother of the late famed Ghanaian lawyer and politician, Joe Appiah. Considering his parents parted ways when he was a child and her mother’s renowned privacy, not much is known about his upbringing. While his mother certainly raised him as a single mother, the extent to which his father, Peter, was involved, remains undetermined.

Regardless, Damien Agyemang appears to be growing into a formidable man. Although his social media presence is limited, precisely behind a private account, a few photos from family friends reveal he has grown to become a handsome man.

Presumably, with Jackie Appiah’s net worth, he is also enjoying quality education. He has completed his BECE at Morning Star Junior High School. His education is progressing nicely. It remains to be seen how it will determine his career path, either by following his mother’s footsteps or finding his own way.

He Has a Girlfriend Named Dromo

He may not yet be as popular as his mother. Still, Jackie Appiah’s son has an active romantic life that captures celebrity observers’ imagination. Social media posts from the graduation party thrown in celebration of his BECE revealed he has a girlfriend named Dromo.

In a video showcasing the party host, she captioned the video with ‘Love, Happy Birthday ML.’ Beyond the video and its implication, not much is known about Damien’s girlfriend or their relationship. But it does show that Jackie Appiah’s son is becoming a man.

Speaking of Jackie and relationships, while her son appears to have found someone, the actress’s romantic life has been ultra-quiet for years. She has been linked to the Nigerian celebrity Bobby Obodo.

Recent rumours also claimed that she was pregnant for Liberian president, George Weah. Neither of them was ever confirmed, and she suggestively dismissed the latter in an Instagram post. At the moment, everything suggests Damien is the only one with a partner in the Appiah family.


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