Facts About Tonto Dikeh’s Complicated Friendship WIth Bobrisky and Other Controversial Celebrity Beef

Celebrity friendships are not uncommon and are a perfect representation of how social dynamics work and are formed. This suggests that people can only be friends with the same people that roam their same circles. In the Nigerian entertainment scene, for instance, such friendships exist, crossdresser and social media star Bobrisky and actress Tonto Dikeh are two celebrities who share an interesting relationship. Make no mistake about it though, Tonto Dikeh’s friendship with Bobrisky is not a conventional one.

Their friendship is one that has caused a ruckus for both their fans and their falling out also made enough fodder for the news and rumor mills. Generally, it would appear that friendship is not an easy task for the actress to navigate as she keeps having issues with those who are supposed to be close to her.

How and When Did Tonto Dikeh’s Friendship WIth Bobrisky Begin?

Tonto Dikeh and Bobrisky, on a number of occasions, have declared the love they have for each other and are known to refer to themselves as best friends. Their friendship is one that can be traced back to 2015 when they first became close. It is not clear how their relationship started but for a long time, it was clear that they shared a tight bond.

Both celebrities who are prone to put aspects of their lives on social media have over time been talking about how much they love each other and when they clocked five years of being best friends, they took to social media to give each other person adulations. They became friends because of the trust and loyalty each of them has shown for the other. However, the circumstances that brought them together initially are yet to be revealed.

The reactions of fans to Tonto Dikeh’s friendship with Bobrisky have not been accommodating to a large extent. In a society like Nigeria, nothing less than criticism was already expected when they started sharing friendship goals, but while it was surprising at first, the relationship they have has quickly grown to be respected. However, there are still people who speculate that the two might have a sexual relationship together. This is yet to be confirmed by either Tonto or Bobrisky.

Fun Times the Two Have Shared Together

As two wealthy people who are not only rich in social capital but financial wealth, Tonto Dikeh and Bobrisky are also known to go out to different locations together, have fun and enjoy each other’s company. In 2019, the two went on a trip to Dubai together and showed off the good times they were having on social media. They are also known to spend a lot of time in Tonto Dikeh’ Abuja house.

They have often been photographed together, leaving events going out and attending parties. Considering the lavish lifestyle and love for the finer things of life, especially beauty and fashion, both friends are attracted, it does make sense that they found each other as friends.

Bobrisky Has Nothing To Say About Tonto Dikeh Calling Him a Man

As is expected of people who are friends, when Bobrisky clocked 29, Tonto Dikeh took to Instagram to celebrate her friend’s birthday and in the process did something interesting.

There have been speculations about Bobrisky’s gender and what the social media star has chosen as his gender identification. In the actress’s celebration of Bobrisky’s birthday, she referred to him as a man, and while this sparked a number of reactions from people. Bobrisky is yet to say anything regarding this.

Is Tonto Dikeh’s Friendship WIth Bobrisky Still Alive?

There have been a number of rumors about the state of the relationship that exists between Bobrisky and Tonto Dikeh. After the birthday wish incident when the actress referred to Bobrisky as a man, it came to the public’s attention that they were rarely seen together as much as before.

The last time they seemed really close was in 2019 and the actress did not attend Bobrisky’s birthday party. It is not clear if they are still friends or if things have gone sour between both of them. However, the social media silence between both of them points to the fact that they may no longer be close. Considering how crazy both are about Instagram and other platforms, not appearing on each other’s social media might mean there is trouble in paradise.

Other Celebrities Tonto Dikeh Had a Fall Out With

Tonto Dikeh has been known to be controversial since she hit the limelight. She has fallen out with a lot of people, including some family members and her ex-husband, all of which made it to social media. She has also extended this to her counterparts in the industry and beyond.

Bobrisky is not the only person with whom Tonto Dikeh has stopped being friends after a period of association that featured a lot of public displays of affection. She had a falling out with one of her earliest friends Toyin Lawani after she discovered that Lawani was having a relationship with a man she was also dating and had introduced to Lawani. The two fought on social media and said very harmful things in public about each other. They have not made up or forgiven each other since then, at least to the best of our knowledge.

Tonto Dikeh also had a beef with fellow actress Mercy Johnson whom she attacked for going back to work four months after the birth of her baby. She did this in 2013 but apologized in 2017. Mercy Johnson in turn said that she has since forgiven the actress. It has become clear that most of the time, Tonto doesn’t know how to hide her feelings, often blurting out how she feels without caring about the audience.

Her male friends are not exempt from this feud streak, in 2017 when the actress was going through her divorce, she had a falling out moment with her friend and stylist Swanky Jerry. The stylist said he did not want his brand to be tainted by the scandal of her separation and she accused him of being a fair-weather friend.


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