Fadumo Dayib: The Somalian Refugee Turned Presidential Candidate

Fadumo Dayib is a Somalian refugee turned nurse, currently vying for the number one position in Somalia. Dayib was born and raised in the heat of the Somalian civil war. Today the beautiful, intelligent and incredibly resilient nurse has beat her refugee profile and is bent on showing millions of Somalian people the way to proper living. Who best can understand the plight of the poor and suffering if not someone who has been there- born into it but conquered it anyway. In partnership with the UN as a health specialist, she returned home to Somalia in 2005 to contribute her quota to the rehabilitation of her fatherland. As a nurse she assisted in establishing clinics in the African rural communities.

Running for presidency as a female in Somalia is not exactly a walk in the park. The 42-year-old mother of 4 have been threatened to shun her ambition but all to no avail. Fadumo has been there and is actually over familiar with marginalization and discrimination of all sorts, both on local and international levels. Despite the imminent political insecurities and gender/religious discrimination, the articulated and subtly resilient character is out to give it her all in the 2016 general elections in Somalia; this will be the first democratic elections held since 1967.

Fadumo Dayib1

Somalia which used to be an important commercial centre until the civil war in 1990, has over time been replete with violence and political hassles surging from age-old inter-clan wars; thus, gave rise to extreme famine and political instability in the country. Owing to the civil war, citizens sought solace in the neighboring countries. This was the plight of Fadumo Dayib, born in Kenya to uneducated Somali parents. During the Somali-Kenya ethnic dispute they were deported back to Somalia right in the heart of the war. Incidentally, Fadumo’s family was privileged to relocate to Finland as they granted Somali refugees asylum in their country.

Fadumo made the very best out of this relocation- learning to read and write at 14 signaled the great passion to be knowledgeable. She furthered her education at Harvard Kennedy School- obtaining 2 degrees in health sciences and public health administration; and practically built her life for the best in Finland. Returning home with the dream of rehabilitating the nation, Fadumo burns with the passion to influence the positive change and serenity that the country desperately needs.

Harvard Kennedy School Mid-Career/Mason Fellow Fadumo Dayib, will graduate in May. She is a Somalian refugee who left her country in the 90s during civil war to live in Finland. As an adult, she worked for the UN, and after leaving HKS, she plans to run for president of Somalia in 2016. She is pictured outside Harvard Kennedy School. Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff Photographer

From personal experience as the 12th but the first surviving child of her mother, Dayib is passionate about child and maternal health care. Her Profession as a nurse and her role with the UN speaks volume of her revolutionary vision for Somalia. She makes it all the clearer that her policies will be centered on national security, economic development, education, youth unemployment, upholding the rule of law- human rights & good governance- and of course, children and women empowerment.