Lawyer’s Failed Attempt To Sue Hindu God Rama Causes Outrage In India

An Indian lawyer Chandan kumar Singh recently took the popular Hindu god Ram to court over claims that he was unjust to his wife Sita.

Not surprisingly, the case was thrown out by the court which stated that it was an impractical case. Mr Singh however told BBC that he had to take action because he felt that the Lord ram was unjust to his wife and he needed a court in the eastern state of Bihar to “acknowledge this fact”.

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He is heavily criticized by his fellow lawyers who describe the move as one of publicity and have in turn sued him for defamation of Lord Ram who is the hero of the Ramayana, the Sanskrit epic of 24,000 stanzas and is revered by millions in India and around the world.

The legend of Rama and his wife Sita is deeply influential and popular to societies in India who revere him for his unending compassion, courage and devotion to religious values and the relationship of the two is often viewed as an unconditional love story. You can therefore easily understand why the entire populace was both stunned and angry when Mr. Chandan attempted to sue the god for basically; disrespecting his wife and therefore promoting a culture of disrespecting women.



Mr. Chandan who however seems genuinely shocked by the extent of the outrage continues in his defense of his stand, quoting from religious scriptures to support his argument;

 “It’s well known that Ram asked Sita to prove that she was pure after he rescued her from the clutches of the demon king Ravana. He did not trust Sita.

“Ram’s treatment of Sita shows that women were not respected even in ancient times. I am aware that the case may sound ridiculous to many, but we have to discuss this part of our ancient religious history. I will file a case again because I really believe that Indians have to acknowledge that Ram mistreated Sita”, he told BBC.


He rejected the allegations that the case had been a pure publicity stunt, sticking to his passion to see women well respected and the impossibility of that happening in India if one of their most revered gods failed to treat his own wife with respect. One other lawyer, Ranjan Kumar Singh said the plea “Insulted Hindus” and that Mr. Chandan Singh had a history of filing exactly this type of publicity-seeking pleas. The lawyers are now joined in their own passion to teach Chandan a lesson, presenting a request to the bar to revoke his license to practice law. Mr. Chandan Singh may just have gone too far this time.

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