Did Faith Evans Have A Baby With Biggie? How Many Kids Does She Have Now?

Faith Evans is a name that is wildly popular in the music industry. The R n B singer has over 34 singles and at least 7 studio albums to her name, all of which has sold at least 18 million worldwide. She is also known for her contribution to the success of great music acts like Usher and Mary J Blige. The 5 ft 6 inches tall musician is also an occasional actress with a couple of movies and television shows to her credit. In addition to her own career, Faith Evans became very popular as a result of her relationship and subsequent marriage to the legendary rapper The Notorious B.I.G. Here is everything you need to know about Faith Evans’ kids.

Did Faith Evans Have A Baby With Biggie?

Faith Evans and the late Biggie had a baby together. The former first lady of Bad Boy Records, as she is fondly referred to, gave birth to their son on 29th October 1996, despite the rockiness of their relationship which stemmed from his infidelity.

That child who is named Christopher George Latore Wallace Jr and commonly addressed as Christopher Jordan (C.J) Wallace Jr. is now a grown man.

Faith met Christopher George Latore Wallace Sr in Bad Boy’s record label photoshoot, where they were both signed on. Barely two months after they met, they chose to become man and wife. They had an unconventional wedding ceremony on the 4th of August 1994.

Faith Evans Have A Baby With Biggie
Faith Evans with Biggie and their son CJ Wallace image source

How Many Kids Does Faith Evans Have Now?   

Faith Evans has four kids, comprising of three sons and a daughter. The kids are products of her two marriages and a relationship. Her first child and a daughter, Chyna Tahjere Griffin, was born in 1993 from her relationship with African-American music producer Kiyamma Griffin. Faith then met then married, Biggie with whom she had a son. After her separation from Biggie, Faith through Missy Elliott met Todd Russaw whom she later married in 1998.

Their union of almost fourteen years produced two sons, Joshua Jahad Russaw (born in 1998) and Ryder Evans Russaw (birthed in 2007). Sadly, that marriage ended in 2011 after about five years after they were separated.

Interestingly, most of Faith Evans’ kids have inherited her artistic side. Her daughter who is an engineer is a professional songwriter and producer like her parents. Joshua and C.J. are both singers/rappers who formed a duo music group. Her last kid, Ryder Evans as of 2019 was still in school.

Faith Evans is now Mrs. Faith Evans Steven Jordan after she wedded the Africa-American record producer, and actor, Steven Aaron Jordan aka Stevie J on the 18th July 2018.

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The spur of the moment wedding was held at a hotel room in Las Vegas after the pair finished from a business meeting.

Faith Evans and Steven Jordan’s relationship date back to 1995, when she was the only female act, signed to the P. Diddy’s (Puff Daddy) record label company – Bad Boy. Steven was a producer and songwriter in the company, he shared a close friendship with the late legendary rapper B.I.G and produced most of his songs. Stevie J is also the godfather of Faith Evan’s only kid with Biggie.

According to an interview, Stevie J said he made the first move by kissing Faith during one of the studio sessions they had. Some of the projects they worked on include the song A Minute. They dated briefly in 2016 but broke it off in 2017. They were back together by 2018 when they decided to get married.

The announcement of their marriage took the media by surprise after which Stevie J said that they got married for themselves and not for the public.

Stevie J is known for his frequent baby mama dramas. He was in 2014 sued by one of his baby mamas for owing child support worth over $1.1 million. He has 6 kids from about 5 different women and with his marriage to Evans, the couple has a blended family of 10 kids which could grow further as they have revealed that they want to have more kids together. While their marriage is the third for Evans, it is Stevie’s first, as he never married any of his baby mamas.


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