10 Famous Women Leaders In History

The following list consists of the 10 famous women leaders, and also the greatest in history from around the world. The list could be endless; however, the ones discussed below could give you the best overview about the roles that these women leaders played around the world.

1. Catherine II, the Empress of Russia

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Catherine II reigned as the Empress of Russia for a period of 34 years, from 28th June, 1762 until when she died. She represented the enlightened dictator of her era. During her time in power, she extended the boarders of Russian Empire westward and southward to absorb Belarus, Crimea, New Russia, Courtland and Lithuania on behalf of two powers i.e the Polish- Lithuanian Commonwealth and Ottoman Empire. After her first Turkish-Russo war against the Ottoman Empire between the periods 1768 to 1774, she made Russia to become the dominant power in the south-eastern Europe. This war led to the greatest defeats in the history of the Turkish. Catherine demonstrated great awareness of her image worldwide and even wished that she should have been perceived to be an enlightened and civilised monarch even though she usually played a tyrant part in Russia.

2. Florence Nightingale

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Florence Nightingale, who was nicknamed “the lady with the lamp”, was a writer, statistician and the founder of the modern nursing. Her lasting and greatest contribution was her role in pioneering the modern nursing career. She created a shining example for nurses due to her diligent, commitment and compassion to patient care as well as thoughtful hospital management. The most famous contribution of Florence Nightingale came during the war of the Crimean. Additionally, during her reign, she reduced the number of deaths in the Army during the peace times and diverted attention to the hygienic designs of hospitals.

3. Joan of Arc

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The Saint Joan of Arc was the national heroine of France in the 15 century. She attempted and executed heresy when she was just nineteen years old. The pope declared the judgement invalid and she was declared innocent. After 24 years, she was declared a martyr. King Charles VII sent her to siege at the Orleans for relief mission purposes where she gained her fame when she lifted the siege after only 9 days by overcoming the rude attitude of the old commanders. Throughout her life, she remained astute and a rehabilitation testimony usually marveled at her astuteness.

4. Wu Zetian

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Wu Zetian ruled China for 15 years from 690 to 705. She earned the respect of her political subjects and advisers due to her remarkable leadership and intelligence skills. Wu Zetian modernized china and established Buddhism as the main Chinese religion. She converted most Chinese citizens to Buddhism despite the fact that she accomplished several remarkable feats as one of the greatest and most famous women leader in the history of China.

5. Cleopatra

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Over the centuries, Cleopatra became a true legend. She is most remembered by many because of her love affair with Mark Antony and Julius Caesar. Additionally, she reigned over an Empire that comprised of most of North Africa. At the time, her aggressive politics and aspiration for development turned Egypt into the main world power.