Farah-Rudisha Prank

Whoever knew London cops had a sense of humor? The Farah-Rudisha prank is proof enough.

Now we know that one can be arrested for running suspiciously in the streets of London. Yes you can, especially when you are a track champ like Mo Farah and David Rudisha.

Both athletes who made their mark during the just concluded Rio Olympics were arrested in London for going over speed limit. On recognizing who they really were, the supposed crime scenario turned into the joke of the century.

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According to an official statement by the Northumbria Police:

“We were called to central Newcastle today after reports of a speeding object on the Quayside. Our officers attended and found two men claiming that they were Olympic gold medalists and had set off our speed cameras in a practice jog.”

“They kept telling us to Google Mo Farah and David Rudisha but we weren’t having any of it so decided they needed to pay a visit to custody. Due to a lack of evidence we had to release them without charge after a brief chat in the back of our police car.”

“Turns out they were telling the truth after all! Good luck tomorrow Mo in the #GreatNorthRun and well done to David in the #CityGames2016!”

David Rudisha and Mo Farah, Africa’s Olympic champions were briefly arrested for the fun of it as they ran the streets of London.

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The champs were training ahead of the UK’s Great North Run marathon which took place over the weekend.

To have been running so much as to cause an arrest is proof of how hard they work to be Africa’s multiple gold medalists.

Report also confirms that the Farah-Rudisha prank was a well laid out publicity stunt prior to the Great North marathon.