Farai Munjoma: The Young Zimbabwean Taking Education To The Less Priveleged

Having young entrepreneurs in Africa who are passion-driven and seek to bring about positive change in our beloved continent is a breath of fresh air from the many problems plaguing Africa. Farai Munjoma is one of such entrepreneurs with an ambition to see young people excel academically.

The 19 year old Zimbabwean is the founder of Shaha iSeminar, an e-learning site complete with career guidance, study notes, an online library and even student news. These features are aimed at equipping High school students with the necessary academic arsenal to improve their lives.

Farai’s Inspiration

A history teacher inspired the teenager to create the platform.

While in boarding school, Farai had a history teacher who according to Farai was incredibly good at his job. While Farai was grateful for having such a teacher, he had fears that his teacher’s legacy would go down with him when he retired, and Farai sought for ways to help others like his teacher had helped him.

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Farai remembered Zimbabwe’s 2008 economic disaster which led to a massive brain drain from the country.

“We as students suffered a lot in that period, and as we continuously changed ministries and ministers, the curriculum changed with them. It was very difficult to adjust,

“In 2011 the pass rate was down and that was also a turning point for me. I thought if we can’t have teachers because they are running away from this country, then why not use the internet to replace them?”

At the age of 17, he started compiling A-level course notes, test questions, putting them online for free in order to reach the financially underprivileged as well. The website makes its profits from ads, and most of its proceeds are used in funding fees of unprivileged kids.

Reward An African Entrepreneur In Your Community

Just like Farai Munjoma who was one of the 2015 Anzisha prize finalists, there are various youths who are working hard to bring about positive change in their communities.

If you know a young Entrepreneur between the ages of 15 and 22, nominate or have him or her apply for the Anzisha prize.

The Anzisha prize seeks to support young entrepreneurs like Farai. Finalists picked by the Anzisha panel will compete for a cash prize. Applications are open until 30th April.

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