And The Award For The Best Dressed Hawker Goes To… Farai Mushayademo

Ever heard that saying that you are addressed the way you are dressed? This might just be the case of applying that saying to business, as Farai Mushayademo is redefining the Hawking business in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Perhaps modern day businesses have also borrowed this concept in re-branding their enterprise. These days as much as efficiency counts, the packaging is always a sensitive and very important aspect of production.

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Farai Mushayademo is a Zimbabwean street hawker who takes his appearance very seriously. Usually street vendors are sometimes casually and maybe carelessly dressed, but not this vendor.

Farai is a 35-year-old father of three and a tailor by profession. Now he is earning himself the title of celebrity hawker.

Whether he hawks water or any other beverage or commodity to motorists, Farai is always smartly suited up. Interestingly he makes the suits himself and says he has about 100 of them.

Perhaps it’s not just hawking that brings him to the streets of Zimbabwe, he could very well be modelling his tailoring creation.

The first bizarre hawking episode in Zimbabwe was the #Thisgown movement from Zimbabwean graduates who were protesting against the low employment rate in the country. This could as well be another reason for Farai’s street hawking; only that this time he added a touch of style to it.

Who would not want to patronize a well dressed vendor? He is always dressed in a 3-piece suit and bow tie; sometimes with a matching hat.

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Farai attests to the fact that his appearance makes him the winning deal amidst competition. Sadly, the hawking business has increased in recent times because of unemployment. Little wonder why Farai, and some other hawkers, had to step up their game.

“The suits are part of my marketing strategy,”

“Vendors are associated with shabbiness, but people want to buy food from someone who is smartly dressed,”

“I am looking for an agent. I can be a successful fashion model.”

Farai Mushayademo has already made his first media appearance in September. He featured in an issue of a leading clothing chain’s in-store magazine.

So much for hawking in style.