Farting In Front Of Your Partner Can Save Your Relationship

In relationships, most times partners want to show only their best sides, especially in romantic relationships. A lot of people tend to play their strengths while concealing the not-so-pleasant side and that includes farting and even pooping.

Farts which are medically called “flatulence” are part of a normal biological process like sweating, burping, pooping and so on. They are caused by air we swallow when we eat, drink or even swallow saliva. The gases accumulate overtime and hence the urge to dispel them through farts.

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Although normal, farts have been categorised as a taboo for the harsh smell (which is caused by sulphur) and the general discomfort it leaves in its wake. Yet, it has been described as a lifesaver in relationships.

Farting In Front Of Your Partner Can Save Your Relationship

Leah Decesare, an author of family psychology wrote that a lasting relationship is based on complete trust and sincerity and according to her, this is achieved in being as natural as possible – even if it means farting nonstop in front of your partner.

Farting Gets Rid of  the Unease in Relationships

When new in relationships we tend to act “shiny” and proper but the longer a relationship goes on it can be stressful to keep up with the image of being perfect. Farting is one way to dispel the uneasiness. Any couple who fart together can get through other awkward scenarios and be more natural with each other.

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Farting In Front Of Your Partner Can Save Your Relationship

So what if you played the butt anthem with your partner and he/she cringes and makes you feel even more uncomfortable? These opinion polls show that you are most likely in a relationship that would not last.

It is still impolite to fart in public, but you should not feel embarrassed farting in front of your partner.