Fascinating Eco-friendly Bullet Proof Homes In Northern Nigeria

Nigeria sets the pace with the erection of eco-friendly homes that are solar powered, bullet-proof, fire-proof, earthquake resistant and cost effective. This idea is an incredible salvaging trend with respect to proper waste management and creation of affordable accommodation for displaced citizens in the northern part of the country. The initiative is propagated by a non-profit organisation in Kaduna state – Development Association for Renewable Energies (DARE) in conjunction with Africa Community Trust, a London based NGO.

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It appears Africa’s ancient architectural technique is making a come back into the scene but this time with a little more sophistication. To build these bullet-proof abodes, over 10,000 plastic bottles are collected and stuffed with sand, stringed  together and further bounded with a mud and cement mixture. This produces a colorful super strong wall, more than those made of concrete. Intrinsically, the mud property of the construction affords it a cool interior temperature with no carbon emissions. Adding to the eco-friendliness is the powering of the building with solar panels and methane gas (from recycled human and animal waste).


The cost of building a house these days can be alarming but with this invention, a lot of expenses have been slashed by a large percentage. With mud, plastic bottles and cement as the core materials, you can build yourself a cool eco-friendly apartment. The amazing part of this invention is that the resources are super-affordable.

These eco-friendly homes, borne out of necessity have become another perfect way of putting waste into good use; as a matter of fact, this is the second best thing to do with plastics after recycling. The trend has the potential to save the nation and countrie s like the United States in the aspects of environmental pollution and housing deficit. According to Ventures Africa, the housing deficit in Nigeria is about 16 million with over 14% of the population homeless.

Bullet-Proof Homes2

With an initiative like this, there is a measure of remedy accorded to the homeless, and most especially for northerners who suffer greatly during insurgencies, losing lives, homes and properties. It is a relief to know that against all odds, People can finally get to have a home, a shelter instead of perpetually being exposed to the harshness of the weather and terror-flamed environment.

This is a wake up call for anyone who has given up on inventing something new; there is always something new to do, it just takes a vision, purpose and most definitely ingenuity, as seen with these Nigerian eco-friendly houses.

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