pant sagging

US Republican lawmaker Tom Weathersby has proposed a bill that would make the pant sagging trend a crime in Mississippi.

The MP says that sagging is an inappropriate dressing style because it “exposes underwear or body parts in an indecent or vulgar manner.”

Wikipedia defines sagging as a manner of wearing trousers or jeans which sag so that the top of the trousers or jeans are significantly below the waist, sometimes revealing much of the underwear.

It originated from the prisons. It started with inmates whose uniforms were oversized and were not permitted to wear belts. 

In the 90’s what used to be a prison dressing mannerism, had turned into a political statement and later, a fashion trend.

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As a political statement, black men wore it to revolt against racial discrimination. In time, it was popularized by hip-hop stars.

In contemporary times the sagging style has gone beyond the United States and well beyond race. It is a ppopular style for the youth.

Tom Weathersby disapproves of the fashion style and has drafted a bill and presented it in the local House of Representatives to have it stopped.

“Personally, I like to see people dressed when they’re in public and I like to see people with their pants up,”

According to the lawmaker, the corrective process will come in phases.

For either the first or second offense, the pant sagger (who is probably a teenager) should be warned and reported to his parents. For the 3rd time he would be charged a $20 fine. For each defiant act of sagging after that, the fine will be increased by $10.

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If the fine increases to a $100, then the Department of Human Services and the Department of Mental Health would be invited to conduct psychological and social counseling for the pant sagger.

Weathersby shares his experience of pant saggers who became hostile when asked to pull up their trousers.

This will not be the first time legal attempts were proposed to abolish the pant sagging style. Some cities in the Unites States have passed similar laws.