Fastest Ways To Recharge Cell C and Check Your Airtime or Data Balance

If you are a user of the Cell C mobile network, chances are that you have asked about how to recharge airtime on your mobile number once or several times before. You may have also asked how to go about checking your airtime or data balance in order to keep abreast of your total package consumption. Well, these are exactly the questions that we are here to help you answer today.

There are many ways to recharge airtime on your Cell C mobile number and you are free to choose from any of the options available. The Cell C Limited mobile operator has made several methods available for recharging your number and checking what your balance is. This is for ease of usage by their numerous customers.

The Many Ways To Recharge Airtime on Cell C

1. Recharge Airtime By Buying Vouchers

This is one of the most popular means of recharging airtime on the Cell C mobile network. It is, in fact, the earliest method people have used in recharging their airtimes, and it is straightforward. All you need to do is to simply buy a voucher and load it up on your mobile number.

There are many vendors who specialize in selling these vouchers across the country. Locate any of them and purchase a voucher of your choice depending on how much you’re willing to spend. After purchasing the voucher, you will need to dial the code *102*voucherpin# to load it on your phone and you’re good to go.

2. Visiting The Cell C Website

Another method used to recharge airtime on the Cell C mobile network is by paying a visit to the Cell C website. As expected, the Cell C website is available to solve all the problems and answer all the questions asked by the customers of the mobile operator and recharging is one of the solutions provided.

To recharge, simply visit the website and the page below will open up for you.

Cell C

On the page, you will see different service options at the header, including Shop, Plan Info, Services, Fibre, and Recharge. Just click on Recharge and another page (as seen below) will open up for you. On this page, as you can see, you will be presented with spaces where you can out your number and the amount you want to recharge. Just fill in the spaces provided and you will be taken to another page where you will make payment. After payment, you will be given the airtime you requested. It is as simple as that.

Cell C

3. Customers Can Recharge via The Cell C App

Another option available for users of the Cell C mobile network to recharge airtime is the Cell C app. To make things very easy for users of the network, the mobile operator has built an app that can cater to all airtime and data recharge purposes. So, Cell C customers can simply use the app to load up their mobile numbers without stress.

To recharge with the app you have to, first of all, visit the Google PlayStore or Apple Store (depending on whether you use android or iPhone) and download the Cell C app on your phone. After downloading the app, proceed with registering your number on it, and you will be ushered into your dashboard where you will find a number of things to do, including purchasing airtime.

Click on the recharge icon on the app and input how much airtime you want to buy. Insert the figure and you will be credited after payment is made.

4. Customers Can Recharge Via Bank Apps

Cell C customers can also recharge airtime on their mobile number by using their bank apps. Instruction from the Cell C operator states that customers can make use of some banks, including ABSA, Nedbank, FNB, Capitec, and Standard Bank to recharge their lines.

All you need to do is log into your bank app and click on the option for airtime recharge and then fill in the necessary spaces, including your number and how much you want to recharge. The amount you are recharging will be deducted from your bank account and your number will be credited with the airtime.

5. Recharging Through ‘Airtime Share’

Cell C has a service called ‘Airtime Share’. Through this service, one can share their airtime with family and friends by transferring to them from what’s left of theirs and one can also request to be shared with.

Before you can enjoy this service, you have to register first by dialing *147# and a number of options will appear on your device. When this happens, just select Airtime Share and then select Activate Airtime Share. You’re all set when you do this and you can start sharing airtime or receiving from family and friends.

To share airtime, just select the amount of airtime you want to give out and then input the Cell C number of the person you want to share with then confirm your transaction and that’s it. To request airtime from another Cell C number of a family or friend, just dial *147*01*sponsor cellphone number*amount #.

6. The Emergency Airtime Request Option

Another service introduced by Cell C to help customers is the Emergency Airtime service. This service was introduced to make sure that customers who do not have the means to recharge airtime or who have run out of airtime at any point in time can still enjoy using airtime by requesting for it and paying back later. It is essentially a loan customers take to pay back later.

All you need to do to enjoy emergency airtime is to dial *147# from your Cell C mobile number and then select Option 1. When you have done this, just follow the prompts for Emergency Recharge and you’re good to go.

Note that you will pay back your loan on your next recharge.

How To Check Your Airtime Balance on Cell C

Recharging airtime is one thing but being able to check how much you have left is also very important. Checking your airtime balance is very simple on Cell C and there are different methods to do so.

1. Use The Mobile App

To check your airtime balance using the Cell C mobile app, just log into the app and you will see your balances right there on the home screen of the application.

2. Use Self-Service IVR

You can use the self-service IVR option to check your balance. Here, all you need to do is dial the code *135# and then select option 2 for “View Remaining Balance and Usage”. Your balance will be shown to you.

3. Visit The Website

You can check your airtime balance by visiting the Cell C website and logging into your self-service page. Your balances will be displayed for you to see.

4. Send An SMS

One can also check your airtime balance by sending an SMS to the network. All you need to do is SMS “bal” or “balance” to 14302 and you will receive the details you seek.

5. Call Customer Care

You can also make a call to Cell C customer care to find out how much you have left. All you need to do is dial 135 and then select option 9 to speak to an agent.

How To Check Your Data Balance on Cell C

The methods of checking data balance on Cell C are pretty much the same as how to check airtime balance. The different methods are as follows:

1. Use The Cell C App

The Cell C app contains everything about your Cell C mobile number, including your data and airtime. To check your data, just log into the app and you will see the data balance there on the dashboard.

2. Use The USSD Code

To check your data balance on Cell C, just dial the USSD code *147#. You can also dial *109# to check how much you have left.

3. Visit The Website

Just like the app, the Cell C website contains everything about your mobile number. All you need to do to check your data balance is to visit the Cell C website and log into your self-service page. Your balances will be displayed for you to see.

4. Call Customer Care

To check your data balance, you can also make a call to Cell C customer care. Just dial 135 and then select option 9 to speak to an agent who will be able to tell you how much you have left.

5. Use Self-Service IVR

Customers can also check data balance by using the self-service IVR option. They can do this by dialing the code *135# and selecting option 2 for “View Remaining Balance and Usage”. The data balance will be displayed.

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