10 Countries With the Fattest People in the World

With fast food joints popping up around every corner and becoming more dominant than grocery stores, and technology allowing us to do more while at the comfort of our relaxing couches, it is not a wonder that the world is becoming fatter and unhealthier. However, there are those that are achieving this fate at a staggeringly high rate, becoming a major source of concern mainly because of the risks that come with being overweight. Here are the 10 countries that have the largest fattest population in the world right now.

1. Mexico

After holding the position for quite a number of years consecutively, the United States has been dethroned from the top by Mexico. This could be because of the larger number of US citizens that are trying to get in shape. Mexico now has an obesity rate of 32.8% and one can’t blame the population as such considering that the nation has among the best cuisines in the world.

2. United States

Even after being knocked off from the first position, the United States did not drop far. They come a close second with a 31.8% obesity rate. Well, they did turn eating food into a competition and also have a great number of fast food joints so you can say that they have deservedly earned their spot in this top 10 list.

3. New Zealand

Coming in at a shocking number three is New Zealand. The reason as to why this is shocking is because, as much as the country has been said to have a 26.5% obese population, it is very difficult to see an overweight person in New Zealand. Nevertheless, they have landed their spot and so they shall have it.

4. Chile

Being home to some of the best sea food and wines, Chile’s position does not raise many eyebrows. They have a 25.1% obesity rate and as much as that is staggering, it is understandable. After all it is very hard to keep your hands away from all those good food.

5. Australia

Mentioning Australia does not elicit any thoughts of an overweight population. Instead, what comes to mind are the sunny beaches and the sun that the country has to offer. However, they do close out the top five with close to a quarter (24.6%) of their population being overweight. As much as the government has been trying to control the situation, nothing so far seems to be working.

6. Canada

Canada has now added to 3 the number of North American nations that are overweight. It has also been added to the list of countries that have fast food joints everywhere you turn and as such it should not be a surprise that in Canada, 24.2% is overweight and alarmingly, the percentage is even higher in some areas.

7. United Kingdom

The overweight issue in United Kingdom has mostly been blamed on modernization and their changing culture. What this means is that the nation has more unhealthy food more readily available which has been the cause of the 23% obesity rate.

8. Ireland

The 23% obesity rate in Ireland has not been blamed primarily on the food that they eat as such, but more so on the weather. The country is known for being very chilly and as such its residents would rather sit inside and gash down some meat, gravy and potatoes as opposed to going for a jog in the chilly weather.

9. Luxembourg

You might be wondering how the residents of this tiny country could have made it into this list of fattest countries in the world. Here are several reasons why: the country is surrounded by Germany, France and Belgium and the best chefs are from those countries not to mention that their food is heavily influenced by those three countries. Also, Luxembourg produces a lot of wine and the tie breaker is the fact that they are the world’s leading beer consumers per capita. That ought to bring up the obesity rate at 22.1% right?

10. Finland

If you were shocked by the new number one country on the list, then Finland might come as an even greater shock. This is more so considering that the country is an avid lover of wild game, cabbages and fish. All of which are pretty healthy. The question is just how come they have 20.2% obese population?

As many doctors are trying to emphasis the point of having the right weight and ensuring that you keep fit, fast food joints are making it harder for individuals to follow through and so far, not a lot is going the way that it’s supposed to be. However, these 10 countries give a clue of just how dire the situation is.

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