FCMB Online Account Opening Process for Personal and Business Version

Potential customers of First City Monument Bank (FCMB) can now open an account online from the comfort of their homes – anywhere in the world. It is a simple, straightforward, and smooth process. This notable financial institution offers personal and business accounts services, both of which can be opened online if the customer meets the requirements. More so, the two bank accounts come with very attractive features that make them desirable by many. However, to enjoy all these benefits, one has to start by opening an account with the bank.

How To Get Started With Opening The FCMB Personal Account Online

If you want to get on board to open a personal account with FCMB, you can do so online following the steps below:

  • Visit the FCMB online opening page
  • You will be redirected to a page that has an option to open a personal account or business account. Click on the ‘Open a Personal Account’ icon
  • A page will appear outlining what you need to open a personal account online, click on ‘Get Started’ to proceed
  • An online request form will appear on your screen once you click on ‘Get Started’
  • Provide the answers to all the blank sections
  • Once you are done, accept the Terms and Condition
  • Click continue to proceed to the next page
  • Follow the subsequent prompts to successfully complete your registration
  • Before your application is sent, make sure that you upload a scanned copy of your signature. Make sure this is the correct signature you frequently use. You will also have to upload a passport photograph – this can be taken with a smartphone.
  • Once the process is completed, you will receive your account number via your phone number and email.

Things You Need To Open A Personal Account Online

The following are the necessary things you need to open the FCMB personal account online:

  • Scanned copy of passport photograph
  • Scanned copy of your signature
  • If the account you want to open is for a minor, that is for a child between 0 – 15 years, you will have to provide a scanned copy of the child’s birth certificate as well as their passport photograph.
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How To Open The FCMB Business Account Online 

For potential FCMB customers who want to open a business account with FCMB, it can be done online through the following the steps below:

  • Visit the FCMB online registration page
  • Select the ‘Open Business Account’ option
  • You will be redirected to another page where you should click on ‘Get Started’ to begin the online account opening process
  • A form will appear which you are to fill with valid details concerning the business, the director, and account signatory details
  • Once you have provided the required details, you will have to upload the company’s Certificate of Incorporation, Authorized Signatory ID, Signatory Passport Photo, Signature of Account Signatory among several other documents. (Uploads should not be more than 5MB)
  • After you have uploaded the required documents, accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Click ‘Review and Finish’ if you have uploaded all the necessary information if not, click ‘Save and Continue’ later if you need to come back.

What Do I Need To Open A Business Account With FCMB?

Business owners who want to open a Business Account with FCMB need to make available the following documents:

  • The business CAC/Registration certificates
  • A Bank Verification Number
  • A valid form of identification – Identification Card
  • A scanned signature
  • A passport Photograph
  • Operational Tax Identification Number (TIN)

The documents below must be uploaded or submitted at your preferred branch before the account can be operational.

For Limited Liability Companies, the following should be provided:

  • Scanned copy of the certificate of incorporation or registration
  • A certified true copy of the memorandum and article of association
  • A certified true copy of the form of C.O.7 or C.A.C2-3
  • Board resolution

For Non-Limited Companies – Enterprise, Ventures, Services, etc the following should be provided:

  • Scanned copy of business registration certificate
  • Instruction to the bank to open an account.

For Associations & Cooperatives (Registered or Non-registered)

  • Scanned copy of Certificate of Registration (if registered with state or CAC).
  • Constitution, Rules, and Regulations.
  • Society / Club / Association / Cooperative Resolution to open Account or Minute of the meeting where account opening with the bank was discussed.
  • Board resolution
  • 2 references (companies)
  • SCUML Certificate
  • NIPC Certificate (only foreign investors)

Features of the FCMB Business Account

  • Free Banking for the first 90days.
  • Zero account maintenance fees.
  • N5,000 minimum operating balance.
  • Fixed charge as low as N6,350 on N40 million debit turnover.
  • Access to Loan Facility

Difference Between The FCMB Personal & Business Accounts

As indicated in the names, the Personal Accounts are used mostly for individual savings purposes and other transactions while the Business Account is the more formal account designated for registered business entities and corporations. To open either of the accounts, one has to, first of all, know what they want to use the account for, and with that, you can go ahead to open the account that will suit you for either personal or business purposes.

More so, it is important to know the features that come along with these accounts, and as of now, the FCMB Personal Account usually comes with features like:

  • Zero minimum operating balance
  • Attractive and highly competitive interest rate
  • Free access to secure mobile and internet banking
  • A debit card that can be used anywhere around the world

The FCMB Business Account which is a low-cost current account usually comes with features such as:

  • Business Debit Card: This card can be used at any ATM or POS for local payments, and you can apply for additional cards for your employees if needed.
  • FCMB Mobile and Internet banking: This account gives you convenient access to your money whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go. You can transact at any time of day, and you have the option of adding several internet users.
  • Loan Facility: This account gives you access to the loan & overdraft facility (upon approval)
  • Zero Account Maintenance Fee: This is applicable for up to a N40 million debit turnover

Other Available Channels One Can Go Through To Open Your FCMB Account

FCMB has provided various ways for people to easily open an account with the bank irrespective of their location and these include:

1. Via USSD Code

To open an FCMB account using the USSD code follow the steps below:

  • Dial *329# on your Phone
  • Enter your First Name and send
  • Enter your Last Name and send
  • Provide your date of birth and other information asked of you
  • If you have previously registered for a BVN, enter it at this point. If you have forgotten your BVN, dial *565*0# from the phone number associated with it. However, if you choose to register your account without BVN, you will be placed under a temporary freeze until you link your BVN to the account.
  • After providing your BVN, follow the subsequent prompts to complete the transaction
  • Upon the completion of the process, your FCMB account number will be sent to your mobile number when you have successfully registered.

Note that your account number is the first digit of your phone number minus the first zero and this account number is as valid as the one you will obtain if you open an account at any FCMB branch. More so, customers have access to secure mobile and internet banking as well as debit cards.

2. Walk-in Option

For this option, simply walk into the nearest FCMB branch closest to you and speak with a customer service agent who will give you a form to fill and ensure to come along with the following documents:

  • Two (2) passport photos
  • Proof of identification, such as an original passport, driver’s license, national identification card, military ID card, or police ID card (for sighting)
  • For foreign account holders, a copy of their residence or work visa is necessary
  • Recent Utility bill
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