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Famously known for her inventions and humanitarian works in dealing with the development, care, and treatment of diseases of children, Fe del Mundo imprinted her name in the sand of time as a specialist in pediatrics. Not the type to be easily satisfied with one achievement, she did a lot to make history in the medical field as a researcher and innovator. With so much passion to positively enhance the health condition of children with serious ailments leading to infant mortality, Mundo chose the career path of becoming a paediatrist.

She eventually transitioned into a medical expert who rendered selfless service that spanned more than seven decades. She made notable contributions to the health sector of her home country, Philippine which made her a proud recipient of many awards and accolades. Although many believe that the job of a paediatrist is extremely rewarding, that wasn’t the case for Fe del Mundo who selflessly volunteered her wealth and lifetime to give pediatrics life and blood; her achievements still speak great volumes even after her demise. To learn more about her life and other fascinating facts about the Amazon, stay tuned on the article.

Fe del Mundo’s Biography

The distinguished medical specialist was born as Fe Primitira del Mundo y Villaneuva in Manila, Philippine Islands on the 27th of November, 1911. She was the daughter of Bernardo and Paz del Mundo. Her father was an eminent attorney who represented the province of Tayabas for one tenure at the Philippine House of Assembly. She had seven siblings, but unfortunately, three passed away while they were still infants and her elder sister succumbed to inflammation of the appendix when she was eleven years old.

Following the desire of her sister who wanted to pursue a career in the medical profession in order to provide a lasting solution to high rate of infant mortality in her country, Fe del Mundo opted to become a paediatrist. She developed herself in the field by becoming an alumna of The University of the Philippines, Manila College of Medicine where she graduated from with the highest Grade Point Average after studying medicine.

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As a result of her academic excellence, she was offered a full academic sponsorship to study abroad, precisely, the US by the country’s then-president. She reportedly enrolled at Harvard Medical School as their first female medical student, for which some sources claimed that she was only a graduate student in the school. She further earned her post-graduate degree in Bacteriology from the Boston University School of Medicine.

Her Life

During the time of Fe del Mundo’s postgraduate studies, she underwent a series of training at different health institutions including Children’s Hospital situated in Boston. She also trained for a few months at John Hopkins Hospital along with her other short stints at diverse children hospitals.

Fe del Mundo
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After the completion of her program in the US, the great specialist in pediatrics went back to her homeland where she began her medical practice. After years of working at a government health institution, Fe del Mundo established one of the renowned children hospitals in Philippine, The Children Medical Center, which was the first of its kind to have been established in her homeland. She rendered a long-term selfless service until the time of her demise in 2011, having suffered from a heart attack. She was laid to rest at the national cemetery which is otherwise known as the heroes cemetery located within Fort Bonifacio in Western Bicutan, Taguig, Metro Manila.

Facts About The Pioneer Paediatrician

1. Fe del Mundo was a Humanitarian Worker

Upon her return to her country after her studies abroad, Del Mundo volunteered herself in taking care of the children who were casualties from the major battle of the Philippine Campaign of 1944-45. At such time, she associated herself with the International humanitarian organisation; Red Cross Society.

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2. Her Public Health Activities

Fe del Mundo fully participated in works that aimed at the prevention of diseases and promotion of human health through organised efforts and informed choices of the society. She was also an advocate of birth and population control.

3. She was a Writer

The highly celebrated medical expert penned down her wide knowledge regarding the health of children as well as various illnesses that contributes to infant mortality in numerous write-ups. She also made a great contribution to the field of medicine by publishing a fundamental medical text entitled Textbook of Pediatrics.

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4. She was an Inventor

Del Mundo gained huge credit for inventing a hand made neonatal intensive care unit used in the local communities that lacked electricity.

5. Fe del Mundo’s Achievements

The list of the achievements of the pioneer paediatrist is quite a long one. Some of them include being the first Asian to be elected as the chairman of the Medical Women’s International Association, the founder and the first patron of the Philippine Medical Women’s Association, among others.

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