And The Rejected Stone Becomes The Corner Stone – Femi Ogunode’s Story

Femi Ogunode is Nigerian but surprisingly famous for being Asia’s fastest runner.

Femi was born in Ondo State, Southwest region of Nigeria.

He made his first international appearance as a sprinter in Qatar during the 2010 Asian Games; where he won a 200m/400m double.

He was the 2006 gold winner in 100m & 200m competition at Obafemi Awolowo U-18 Championship in Ibadan, Nigeria. As at 2008, he was Nigeria’s no.1 junior athlete.

Femi Oginode broke the Asian record of men’s 100m race at the Asian Athletics Championships. He ran a time of 9.91 secs against the previously held record of 9.93 secs.

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According to the athlete, Nigeria, his home country did not favour his career. He says he was frustrated out of the country in search of his rightful footing.

Femi expressed his sentiments on the twists in his sprinting career on social media,

“When God gives you a reason to celebrate why won’t you… I celebrate my victory after winning Gold and breaking the Asian record.”

The world’s fastest sprinter in Asia started off as a boxer. He tried out his talent in soccer and later in 2006 settled as a sprinter.

Femi’s victory as Asia’s fastest man has quite a handful of significance. Femi Ogunode will be the 3rd Nigerian holding the world fastest record in 3 continents.

With a 9.85 secs running time, Olusoji Fasuba is Africa’s fastest man; Francis Obikwelu based in Portugal is Europe’s fastest man with a running time of 9.86 secs.

Before he called it quits with Nigerian athletics, Femi recalls making a cut to qualify for the 2007 All-Africa Games in Algiers, Algeria, but “was dropped without any explanation.”

Such was the case on a couple more occasions to launch him internationally. He was denied his merited spot to appear in the Beijing Olympics.

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As fate would have it, he got his shot on a silver platter.

“It was then that I received an e-mail asking whether I was interested to do trials in Qatar. I wrote back saying I was, but that I didn’t have money to make the trip. They requested a copy of my passport and soon, I was attending trials in Doha. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.”

Ever since that moment, Femi Ogunode has become an international sensation in athletics. He won 3 gold medals for 100m, 200m & 4 x 100m competitions at the 2015 Asian championship.