Fighting Insomnia: 5 Ways Exercises Are Better Than Sleeping Pills

Fighting Insomnia– More people than you know have serious trouble sleeping and fighting it in several ways.

Insomnia may be the most commonly known sleeping problem. In a time crazily in love with quick fixes, taking sleeping pills turns out to be the first port of call.

Science has however reminded millions of people around the world that even better than the sleeping pills, exercising is an efficient all round best and healthiest option for fighting insomnia and all other sleeping troubles.

Rush University clinical psychologist Kelly Glazer Baron said:

“There has been more and more research in the last decade showing exercise can reduce insomnia,”

“In one study I did, for example, older women suffering from insomnia said their sleep improved from poor to good when they exercised. They had more energy and were less depressed.”

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A study was conducted on a group that exercised for 16 weeks. The group had two 20-minute sessions four times a week and another 30-40 minute workout four times a week.

The participants of the exercise reported a significant improvement in their sleep patterns. They were able to have better sleeps at night.

A pretty short time of aerobic exercises reduces traces of depression, lower cortisol levels and boosts the immune system. Aerobic exercises help to pump oxygenated blood and then delivers the oxygen to the muscles.

With moderate aerobic exercises, insomniac participants registered that they fell asleep faster; slept over 20 minutes longer; and woke up less at night.

Here are 5 top ways exercises are better are better than fighting insomnia with sleeping pills. 

1. They Are Healthier

You can hardly ever go wrong with exercises. Medics attest that they are good for the overall well-being of the body and for fighting insomnia.

2. They Are Inexpensive

3. Sleeping Pills Have Long Term Side- Effects

On a long term, sleeping pills can cause a number of side-effects like infections; dementia in the elderly; shortness of breath; tingling in the hands, arms, feet, or legs; Changes in appetite amongst a host of others.

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4. Exercises Naturally Inhibits Insomnia

Engaging in a physical exercises is a one-time cure for insomnia and other sleep troubles. Researchers have found that physically active persons have lower risks of developing insomnia.

Some cases of insomnia are partially caused by hyperarousal. With exercises anxiety is reversed, thereby reducing the mental stress and improving sleep.

Chronic insomniacs often have high cortisol levels. Exercise helps to reduce the cortisol levels in the blood.

As with the case of those who do not get enough sleep, exercise helps to reduce the body’s inflammatory messengers which are responsible for it.

5. Sleeping Pills Can Easily Be Abused

Medical experts are on a somewhat campaign to promote a drug-free treatment for cases of Insomnia.

An overdose of sleeping pills is extremely deadly.

The reason is that it reduces possible dangerous interactions of the pills and other drugs a person might be taking. Secondly their effectiveness wears out in a few weeks. Thus they may be taken more often and even abused.

Sleep researcher Shawn Youngstedt, from Arizona State University  said:

“Sleeping pills are extremely hazardous,” 

“They are as bad as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.”