Fighting Procrastination: Top 10 Ways To Defeat The Subtle Dream Killer

Fighting procrastination is a task that many successful people have had to deal with.

If a goal must be accomplished, then postponing what we ought to do is not the way to go.

Procrastination can imply a range of things: fear, lack of confidence, laziness and lack of enthusiasm.

Some other times, it may be a matter of personality type. While some are naturally impulsive and aggressive some others are quite laid back and not always in a hurry.

Whatever be the case, it is good we know that nothing wastes dreams like constantly leaving them for tomorrow.

Procrastination means putting things away for the ‘later’. It not only kills your creativity but your productivity.

Top 10 Workable Steps In Fighting Procrastination

1. Break The Task Down Into Bits

Depending on the magnitude of the project it is wise you break them down to daily achievable goals. What is it you want to do? Before the big imaginary picture, there are little steps to be taken. Make of list of those and consistently take it one after the other.

You may need to break them down into daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly plans.

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2. Create a New Environment

All of a sudden everything seems like a boring routine, take some time off and rekindle the drive to activate your dreams. You can try to rearrange your work space and actually make them work friendly. You can’t study for your quiz lounging by the pool side. A library or a reading room is a more enabling environment for studies.

3. Consciously Reduce Your Distractions

Fighting Procastination

Make a timetable if you must and make sure to eliminate activities that are not necessarily taking you closer to your goal. You may need to spend more time getting productive than roaming the social media.

4. Surround Yourself With Dream Builders

Still linked to getting a new environment, this simply means spending productive time with people who motivate and support your goals.

Like same feathers flocking together… communicating with a friend of like mind can be mutually beneficial in getting closer to a set goal.

5. Deliberately Make Others Your Watch Dog By Telling Them

Bearing in mind that not everyone will be as enthused as you are about your projects, letting them know can equally serve as a prompter to persist with what you ought to do.

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6. Check Out The Life & Success Of Someone Who Share Similar Dreams

Fighting Procrastination

We naturally take a look at existing reviews of a product or service we want to get. In the same way you can study the life and progress of successful people you know; especially the ones who share a similar goal/purpose.

7. Redefine Your Goal/Purpose

Specifics can help at this point. Following that is the demand for a re-direction of necessary steps to achieve it. If the past strategy failed, go back to the drawing board and be as realistic as well as optimistic in making a new one.

8. Keep It Simple

In cases where the visualization of the long term project intimidates the dreamer, always remember to keep it simple with the nearer achievable steps.

Overthinking the challenges of your dream can kill your dream. It automatically turns your dream into a fantasy; and fantasies are far off imaginary realities. Live in the present and take it one practical step at a time.

First steps are always difficult but conquerable with persistence.

9. Don’t Fear Mistakes

Fighting Procrastination

“I don’t want to make mistakes?” “I want it to be perfect.” Well, nothing has ever been perfect from the creation of the world.

There’s nothing wrong in aiming for excellence but being afraid of falls and mistakes can stall one’s growth. If you must make them, so be it. As long as you learn from them and make necessary adjustments.

Perfectionism is one of the biggest reasons for procrastination.

10. Discipline Is Key

Fighting Procrastination demands a great deal of discipline. It could be said that discipline is the precursor to all forms of success.

Determination, commitment, focus, persistence and hardwork are all elements of discipline.