Filip Geljo – Inside the Life of the Canadian Actor

Young and energetic Filip Geljo is an actor who rose to stardom for his role in the television drama series, Odd Squad. Ever since the age of eleven, he has taken several movie roles and has played perfectly in them all. Filip’s success is no surprise to many as his father, Jasmin Geljo is an oldie in the entertainment industry.

Despite being thrown in the limelight, Filip is quite reluctant to share most of his personal details, however, here are some facts that have been unearthed about the child actor.

Filip Geljo’s Age and Family Background

It is commonly believed that children are often influenced by their parent’s professions, however, only a few percentages have successfully copied their parent’s career and have been successful. Well, Fillip Geljo who has been highly influenced by his dad, Jasmin Geljo is beginning to create an impressive resume as an actor. Meanwhile, both father and son barely talk about their homemaker.

As we have gathered, Filip Geljo is the only known child of his parents and was born on the 13th day of the month of April 2002 in Toronto Canada. While the details of his formative years have been left to guesses, Filip Geljo resides in Canada.

Furthermore, there are no details revealing that the young actor is a scholar of any institution or if he is being homeschooled. While he watched his dad make several performances, he desired to be like him someday. With that intention, Filip watched his dad meticulously picking up several acting tricks from him. With his debut performance in the movie, Odd Squad, he rose to stardom.

Filip Geljo
Filip Geljo and Odd Squad co-actors

Odd Squad is a Canadian educational television series that was premiered in November 2014. It was released in the month of August 2016, and was directed by J.J Johnson and created by Tim Mckeon and Adam Peltzman. The show was basically based on child detective and had young promising actors and actresses like Anna Cathcart, Isaac Kragten, Millie Davis, and Dalila Bela as cast. The series is known to have gained global recognition thus pulling all its cast including Filip Geljo to the spotlight. For being successful, Odd squad received over 19 awards and has been nominated severally for different award categories.

Thanks to the success of the movie, Filip Geljo got to earn the role of Aounung in the upcoming Avatar series which would be released in the year 2020, 2021 and 2024, he would play the role as an adventurer and a driver.

Together with his dad, Filip Geljo appeared in the 2015 film, The Waiting Room; a movie based on his father’s real-life story. The film received rave reviews and has claimed two Canadian Award nomination. Then, in 2016, he was featured as a student in the movie, Annedroids. 

Filip is as of this writing only began to build his filmography, however, he has been exceptional at the few roles that he has earned thus far.

Does He Have A Girlfriend?

Filip Geljo’s love life is still a mystery. Some of his fans believe that he is quite too young for a relationship and we can only concur. The young lad is seemingly more focused on his career. That being said, chances are that he is currently single.

Family Facts of The Canadian Actor

Filip’s super dad, Jasmin Geljo is a reputable Bosnian-Canadian actor born in Sarajevo, PR Bosnia-Herzegovina, FPR Yugoslavia. He is a graduate of the University of Sarajevo’s Academy of Dramatic Arts who made his first film debut in the movie, Boy with a Violin.

It was with his role as Ryjkin in the movie, Cube Zero that he gained public recognition. He has played several roles in films like Land Of the Dead, Precinct 13, The Sentinel and a lot of others. Furthermore, as regards the details of Filip Geljo’s mom, there are nowhere near the books.


It is no doubt that Filip Geljo is growing to be a handsome man. As of this writing, the young actor stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches, but there is no doubt that the youngster who is still growing could most likely grow taller. His weight is said to be 58 kg.

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