Here Are 10 Incredible TV Figures That Kenyans Missed The Most

Guess what is ready to rock you once again? Right guess, TV is finally back, thanks to TV stations that played mature this time. The three giants, are really back and ready to keep you either busy or boring. Anyway, it totally depends upon the TV staple you use. As might be expected, they are as always ever-ready to make the boom again.

And for the record, the stations went off on February 14th. Of course, on Valentines Day, no less. You can always trust the government on valentine surprises…LOL. Just now, after a few weeks of much dismay, deliberations, unending boardroom meetings and social media jubilation, the dinosaurs have sorted themselves out and made up their minds to re-enter the airwaves.

And during the past few weeks of being off, whether we admit it or not, we clearly missed a good number of Kenyan TV faces. Even in our social media chest-thumping and feigned disinterest, we missed these faces. Big time. Just see the list below, read and act like you didn’t miss them anyway!

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1. Larry Madowo


How could we not have missed him? Larry is a Kenyan journalist and news anchor who specializes in current affairs and technology. He’s just so good not to be missed. Despite the fact that social media always love to hate him, we can’t help but admit he was greatly missed just this few weeks that we didn’t see him. Larry’s one of Kenya’s most ever-present TV faces who has worked for other major networks before working for Kenya’s NTV… He’s loud, lively, active, always everywhere, inventive, brazen, cheeky and alluring, so I simply don’t think anyone would step out and say “I never noticed your absence” because he is just what television needs. In fact, he was really missed and many are very much happy he won’t have to miss him once more. And as for his haters, it is time to pick up your hate wallet and hate on him all over again.

2. Janet Mbugua

She is sexy and I know it…and she was missed for it. Additionally, her Monday Special show, like Gichuru’s Sunday Live, was also one of the MOST WATCHED Citizen TV news bulletins. Twitter would show the outcome every time the show was on. In case you are wondering why she was missed, it is basically for being a sex symbol especially to millions of thirsty Kenyan men. However, it is also because she’s indeed a gracious TV host whose beauty adds so much color to so many a Kenyan home. Certainly, the symbol is on, so have fun while viewing!

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3. Raila Odinga


Of course, it is not surprising to see Raila on the list. Well, Raila was missed not because he is anyway next to being a TV presenter himself, or actor, but because Kenyans don’t mess with anything concerning politics. They so love politics. And, let’s admit, no other Kenyan politician has the capacity to affect, please and grasp Kenyan audiences better than the Enigma Himself, Agwambo. He indeed has an attractive and engaging personality and is in fact, the reason Kenyan Newspapers make sales.

4. Victoria Rubadiri


Although personally I didn’t miss her, I have reason to believe she was missed by a lot of her admirers, as she has so many of them.

5. Mohammed Ali


A TV face fondly called ‘Moha’ by his legions of diehards is not really your daily TV face. Thus not a frequent TV face and at times he can go off for one month or more. Yet, even though we don’t behold the sight of his face every day, just as Madowo, for example, we still miss him. His very important Jicho Pevu segments in isolation are a real source of joy and we can’t help but talk about them for months on end. Therefore, we missed this slim, brazen kid solely.

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6. Jeff Koinange

Jeff is a Kenyan journalist and Talk Show Host (Jeff Koinange Live) for KTN since October 2013. He served formally as the Africa correspondent for CNN and CNN International from 2001 to 2007, and later as a chief reporter at TV station K24 from 2007 to December 2012. Jeff is the absolute TV star just as a rock star. He’s really transformed television interviews. And let’s not forget that he is the same guy who dramatically tossed an iPad into a pool during a LIVE show! Also for his animated episodes of JKL, he’s also the same guy who, for effective melodramatic effect, stomps to the stage with a fire extinguisher. So tell me why we won’t miss him?

7. Julie Gichuru


Who could not have missed the super brilliant, super beautiful, super comely, super fashionable, super endearing and super smart TV face? Not to mention her television hosting experiences? They are simply amazing! Well, going down the memory lane, Sunday Live show on Citizen TV was one of the MOST watched News Bulletins before the channels were closed. We have grown to like her deeply and even to adore her. She was undoubtedly missed!

8. Shaniqua

She is now the Kenyan TV latest sensation. She plays a prominent role in the wildly famous “Jameni” show on KTN, that is being shown every Thursday. Her antics, mannerisms, street jargons and abrupt comedic outbursts on her hapless victims had really struck a chord on Kenyans. In fact many don’t ever miss the show every Thursday just so they don’t miss out on the new political/social skits that would be on. More importantly, they like to see what madness Shaniqua was now up to. She has been compared favourably to Tyler Perry’s Medea, and in fact, you could call her Kenyan Medea! We are happy to have your face back on, Shaniqua.

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9. Njugush

Kenyan clown with big sense of humor…who couldn’t miss such a character? Anyway, Njugush is that little slim clown that cracks our nerves up on that KTN show, REAL HOUSEWIVES OF KAWANGWARE and also on Hapa Kule. And causes many to love him even more with his very effortless comedic proficiency. His wildly funny, and electrifying comics is really overwhelming. The guy plays puns on himself…man! you are an entertainer. Undeniably, Njugush is the reason we even sit to watch those shows. Frankly, he was missed right?

10. Lilian Muli


Are you wondering why she made the list? We have three cool reasons to do. First of all, she is not taken, second of all, she’s got a curvaceous body and finally she’s a tabloid staple. She is just the girl we all wish we were dating, right? Truth be told, we missed the sight of her beautiful body and that is enough to put her right in the list.

News makers…..


In addition to the mentioned faces, Kenyans however, missed the usual, unscripted News makers who would come up our screens every News time. Of course, those weirdos who would make starring appearances on parody shows like Bulls Eye, Heka Heka and Truth Meter. Kenyan missed these regular drunks acting silly in Kiambu…We missed these news making Politicians and all their stupid political gimmicks and anecdotes. We missed the likes of “Jose The Witnesser” who would make us laugh to death with their very hilarious account of eye-witness news…We missed these sporadic, abrupt jokers and comedians who we would turn into memes and internet trolls overnight. We missed the madness….The thrill of Kenyan TV. We missed the laughter…Of these clueless comics.

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Welcome back giants!

You Can Add The Names Of The Personalities You Really Missed That Are Not In The List.

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