How To Find And Get Jobs in Kenya

How to find and get jobs in Kenya is one of the most searched phrases by Kenyans. Just like in many other developing countries, finding a job in Kenya is becoming more challenging as the days go by.

This may be attributed to several factors. First, the number of job seekers is increasing rapidly. Colleges and Universities are churning out hundreds of thousands of graduates annually. Secondly, the economy is not growing as fast. Therefore, it is unable to absorb the job seekers. Again, volatility in the economy is also reducing job opportunities. Business owners or entrepreneurs are forced to downgrade or close shop.

Consequently, in order to find a job in the stiff job market, an individual may need to apply the following tips:

How to Find and Get Jobs in Kenya

1. Networking

In Kenya, a person is more likely to find a job through networks as opposed to sending cover letters and resumes to any Tom, Dick, and Harry. Building a larger network should start while one is still in school or college. It will usually be comprised of fellow students, work colleagues, tutors, friends as well as family. The larger the network, the more likely a person will hear of a job opening. This has also been given a boost by the growth in social media networks. People looking for jobs are now turning to popular social networks as their main avenue of seeking employment. It only takes a forward or retweet to get the latest information.

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2. Employment Bureaus

Kenyans are also turning to employment agencies when looking for employment. As a matter of fact, this avenue continues to be among the most popular. This is mainly because it saves you the trouble of sending countless CVs and cover letters. You are also exposed to many potential employers. The bureaus operate both online as well as offline and once you get enlisted in their data bank you only have to wait for that crucial call. Due to the stiff competition among the employment agencies, some will also carry out the initial interview on behalf of their clients. They will also give tips to job seekers on how to draft an award-winning resume, how to dress during an interview, and also how to handle an interview.

 3. Family Connections

Many job opportunities are usually filled without even being advertised for. Unless you have insider information on certain jobs, you will never know of the existing job opening. The vacant position may also be filled without other staff members knowing. This has caused the use of the term “Do you know anybody or someone who knows somebody?” Therefore, maintaining close ties with family members, relatives, and friends will always give a job seeker an edge over others. This especially applies to family businesses where families prefer to keep control within the family line. Constant interaction with family and relatives is vital so as to get the insider information.

4. Online Job Sites

Finding prospective jobs in Kenya has become a full-time job. People are ever searching via the internet, social media, as well as the mass media. In order to stay in touch with the most current information, it has become necessary to sign up to job sites online. The sites will regularly post jobs on their website, hence, the services can be accessed through a computer as well as a mobile phone. A registered member will, therefore, receive information on any job in real-time. Initially, the subscription attracted a small fee. However, most of the sites offer the service free of charge.

Saying that finding jobs in Kenya will become easier in the near future would be a lie. More than ever, job seekers need to intensify their job searching skills in order to find even a basic or entry-level job. This even becomes harder when looking for that dream job. Due to this, there is a popular saying coined by Kenyans which states that “My job is to look for a job.” This clearly explains the difficulty in finding a job. However, in the same economy, people are still finding jobs as well as switching jobs at will.

Therefore, with a positive attitude, researching the economy and being open-minded, a person will sooner rather than later, land himself a lucrative job, consequently minimizing searches on the phrase “how to find and get jobs in Kenya.”

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