Finish What You Start And Increase Your Chances At Success

Almost is really never good enough, there are a few things more regrettable than nearing the finish line of any particular project and then giving up. There is no honor, no accolade, nothing that even closely resembles a reward for you. If this is true, then it becomes necessary that we learn how to finish most of the things that we start. Whether it’s a new book or a script or even brainstorming on a new business idea, these tips are sure to help you get to the finish line and hear your deserved applause.

Quit Over-committing: One way to make sure that you finish work is to be careful with what you start. Not every problem or job needs to be tackled by you. Every opportunity may present us with a complex that makes us feel like we should not pass it up lest it be life-changing. As much as this may be true, if you’re not invested enough in the work and do not actually finish it, you would have completely destroyed the source through which that opportunity came which is always more important than the opportunity itself.

If you don’t feel up to it or are not invested in it, refer it to someone who may be, don’t get burdened down by work you really don’t care about, leave your arms free for the things you actually want to do.

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Plan To Overdo Things: Budget ample time for your ending. It’s widely known that the beginning and the end are the two most difficult parts of any project. So if you’ve been able to fight all the hurdles and doubts at the beginning, scale through the hiccups in the middle, it is only right that you forgive yourself and give yourself more time and resources at the end to bring it to a successful close.

So plan to waste time fussing over the details, plan to know what exactly to do at every exact point and then build and maintain the momentum that will carry you through it all and deliver you at the end.

Build A List Of Contingencies At The Beginning: Contingencies, the obstacles that could suddenly crop up, what may you need to strengthen in your project, just write a list of anything that could possibly affect the successful completion of your project. It takes away the element of surprise from problems and leaves you ready and encouraged since you had already seen it coming anyways.


Get Rid Of All The Clutter: Free your mind from the lure of all other taxing and interesting projects. Direct all your focus and resilience into completing that one task. Anything you can put off to focus on finishing should be put off as you give yourself no excuses whatsoever not  to devote every necessary resource, energy and time into finishing up. Clutter is truly the enemy of completion so get rid of it.

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