Five Surprising Causes Of Bad Breath

No one wishes bad breath on themselves or even their enemies for that matter, considering that if you argue with them, you will get a whiff of said bad breath.

It’s an embarrassing and annoying condition and people the world over have made several attempts to rid themselves of it or hide it as best they can.

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Getting rid of it is not an easy task. Brushing, flossing and even gurgling with mouth wash may still not do the job completely.

Scientists continue to study the causes of bad breath and below we will least some surprising ones that could help people get an upper hand on the battle.

Skipping Breakfast

It’s been said numerous times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and fresh breath is lined up as one of the reasons why.

When you skip breakfast, your saliva glands aren’t as active in the morning and this can dry out your mouth, causing bad breath, so even if you brush and gurgle before leaving the house, your breath will not be as fresh as it would be if you had eaten breakfast.

causes of bad breath

Gum is One of the Causes of Bad Breath

Most people catch a whiff of bad breath and immediately pop some gum in their mouth expecting it to cure the problem.

However if your gum is not sweetened with Xylitol, it will not help freshen your breath. Studies show that only sugar-free gum sweetened with Xylitol can prevent bacteria that causes cavities and bad breath.

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Breathing Through The Mouth

Generally, people only breathe through their mouth when their nose is too stuffed, but some people have fallen into the habit of breathing through their mouths. When your mouth is open for long periods of time, it dries out and a dry mouth is one of the causes of bad breath.

causes of bad breath

Lack of Fruits and Vegetables

Eat fruits and vegetables, is a normal refrain when talking about healthy lifestyle choices and it’s been shown that if you don’t eat enough fresh fruits and veggies, it can cause bad breath.

Fresh fruits and vegetables will cause your mouth to increase saliva production in order to digest the fruits and vegetables, and the extra saliva will clean odor causing bacteria out of your mouth.

Eating Too Much Protein

All that ‘proteiny’ goodness will give you bad breath if you are not careful. Protein is necessary for your body and very good for you, but like anything else, too much of a good thing is not good. Limiting carbohydrates and filling up on protein, will affect your breath, making it smell rather foul.