20 Beautiful Flower Creations At Netherland's Flower Parade

On Sunday September 4, the annual ‘Corso Zundert’ flower parade in the Netherlands took place.

The flower parade featured 20 volunteer teams from different hamlets in Netherlands.

The festival was founded in 1936 as a celebration of  Netherland’s popular flower exports. Every year it is held in the town of Zundert, the hometown of Vincent Van Gogh, a Dutch post-impressionist painter.

Last year’s flower parade featured flower creations that were inspired by the painter. This year’s however, has so many creations, from a frog to a ‘smoke-breathing’ dragon, a flower image undergoing photoshop and more.

The flower designs which are made of dahlias will sure make anyone feel talentless especially when viewed up close.

If you can risk feeling like you have no talent, then scroll down to see all the flower creations at the just-concluded Netherland flower parade.

1. The winner

Dangerous Transportation

Hamlet – Tiggelaar

flower parade dangerous transportation corso zundert
Dangerous transportation

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2. Water Bufallo

Hamlet – Laar Heath

3. At Height

Hamlet – Veldstraat

4. Trapped

Hamlet – Achtmaal


5. Water Tank

Hamlet – Market

Water Tank

6. Contra

Hamlet – Birch


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7. Organ

Hamlet – Raamberg


8. Wildbeest

Hamlet – Stuivezand


9. Busy

Hamlet – Poteind


10. False Hope

Hamlet – Disk

False Hope

11. Apporti

Hamlet – ‘t Piece


12. Tecnica di Natura

Hamlet – Klein-Zundert Heikant

Tecnica di Natura

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13. Power supply by hamlet The Lent

Power Supply

14. Fanfare

Hamlet – Molenstraat


15. Caught by the Wind

Hamlet – ‘t Kapelleke

Caught By The Wind

16. Retouch

Hamlet – Wernhout


17. Vortex

Hamlet – Klein Zundert


18. Sleeping Giant

Hamlet – Rijsbergen

Sleeping Giant

19. Playful

Hamlet Laer-Akkermolen


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20. Manpower

Hamlet – Helps Elkander