The 2020 Olympic Games Could Feature A Flying Car Lighting The Olympic Torch

There is an Olympic sport that has gone on behind the scenes for as long as host countries began to be selected for the game. It is the race by the host countries to see how they could possibly outdo the previous host country in organising and executing the world renowned games.

For the 2020 Olympic games, the Olympics games are going to Tokyo, Japan and already news of the preparations are beginning to trickle out. It appears that recent preparations feature the possibility of a flying car to light the torch at the 2020 Olympic games.

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Toyota, the Japanese car company, has invested ¥42.5 million ($386,000) into Cartivator Resource Management for just that reason. Cartivator Resource Management is a startup of 30 people whose focus now is developing a flying car reminiscent of the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future.

According to the BBC, the proposed vehicle, called SkyDrive, will be able to fly 10 meters (about 33 feet) above the ground at up to 62 miles (100 km) per hour. If the startup is able to pull it off, the vehicle will be used to light the torch of the 2020 Olympic Games held in Tokyo.

Cartivator ran its first test of the prototype vehicle in Japan on Saturday. Quartz described the machine as; mostly a metal shell with eight propellers that are more suited for loudly blowing sand than actually flying.

2020 Olympic games

According to them, after several false starts, the prototype SkyDrive rose about six feet before crash-landing on the basketballs that serve as its bumpers. Despite the distance that remains to fine tune the prototype, the group is hoping to have the flying car ready for testing with human drivers by 2019.

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The group which had previously been using ‘crowd funding’ to get the project to where it is at the moment, is only one in a number of innovators looking at a future with flying cars.

For instance, Alphabet Inc. CEO, Larry Page, reportedly spent more than $100 million on Zee.Aero, a company involved in creating such flying vehicles. Lilium, another startup, also successfully tested a flying drone earlier this year.