Following Up on Ngozi Ezeonu’s Children Since She Called It Quits With Her Husband

Ngozi Ezeonu is one Nollywood actress that has stood the test of time in the Nigerian movie industry. Even when moviemakers are going after younger talents, she still manages to get prominent roles in movies. The actress’ career life is all out in the open, but we don’t seem to know much about her children. The Nollywood veteran is said to be the mother of four children, comprising of two boys and two girls. Before now, nothing much was known about her kids, but we know that the first child Ogechukwu got married in 2020.

Recently, the Nigerian media went crazy with the true state of her marriage. Contrary to what people think, the actress’s union with her husband Edwin Ezeonu hit the rocks in 2013, and their divorce was made official at an Ikeja high court in January 2015. According to the ex-husband of the actress, continuing to use her married name is an act of deception on her part, Ngozi he said, should drop his name since they are already divorced.

This Is What We Know About Ngozi Ezeonu’s Children

The actress is a mother to four children; three are grown up; she has two sons and two daughters. Though she is the type that prefers to shield their family details from public glare, we still get tidbits from time to time. We know that the actress’ eldest daughter Ogechukwu Edwina Ezeonu is already a married woman and may well make Ngozi a grandmother in no distant time.

Ogechukwu Edwina Ezeonu

Named after her father, Edwin, Ogechukwu Edwina Ezeonu is Ngozi’s eldest child. Though her birth year is unknown, the young lady celebrates her birthday every 5th of September. She is a graduate, an alumnus of the Houdegbe North American University. From what is perceivable, Ogechukwu doesn’t want to follow in her mother’s footsteps as she is gainfully employed as a Front-End developer and UI & UX designer at a company called Cregital. Going by what we gathered from her Instagram page @ogehezeonu, Oge is quite passionate about her job.

The first daughter of Ezeonu got married in a traditional wedding ceremony hosted in Asaba Delta State. Her wedding, which took place on the 15th of February 2020, was a grand affair with several Nollywood veterans in attendance. For now, Oge is the only child of the actress that is married as her younger ones are still single.

Chidera Ezeonu

Ngozi Ezeonu
Chidera, Melveen, and their mum: image source

Coming after Ogechukwi is Chidera Ezeonu, the first son of the Ezeonu family. Chidera’s life is not in the public eye but according to reports, the young man was born on the 30th of April, but the year is still shrouded. He is already through with university education which he acquired in Nigeria, precisely at DELSU – Delta State University. He is @its_kng_keller on Instagram.

Melveen Ezeonu

In the same way that we don’t know much about his elder ones, much less is known about Melveen Ezeonu. However, he is the second and last son of Ngozi Ezeonu. Born on the 17th of October (year not known), Melveen is still a university student. He currently attends Madonna University Okija, but his course of study is not known. The young man’s Instagram profile is equally protected but can be found at @melveen_ezeonu.

The Youngest Daughter

Reports said that Ngozi Ezeonu has four children, but going by what her husband shared on social media, he had three children with the actress before their marriage hit the rocks. According to the man, they have two sons, Chidera and Melveen, and an only daughter Ogechukwu. Thus, if the actress actually has a fourth child, then she must have a separate father.

While her first three children’s names are all out in the open, we don’t have an inkling of what the actress’ youngest child is called. Her brother Chidera recently shared some pictures on Instagram, which suggests that she is still very young and cannot possibly have her own social media account; thus, there isn’t much to say about Ngozi Ezeonu’s last child.

The Nollywood veteran and her children seem to be quite close; they are often seen photographed together and always enjoy some family hang-out moments from time to time.

Ngozi Ezonu’s Husband Is Called Edwin Ezeonu

Perhaps because she was already a married woman before she became a known name in Nollywood, the details of Ngozi Ezeonu’s love story with Edwin is not known. We have no idea of when and how they met, neither do we know exactly when they tied the matrimonial knot. However, from what we could sieve out from the reports, the duo lived together like husband and wife for all of 14 years and gave birth to three children Oge, Chidera, and Melveen. Edwin is a native of Nnobi in Anambra State, though his profession is not known, Ngozi on the other hand, is from Ogbunike, also in Anambra State.

Ngozi Ezeonu
Ngozi and Edwin: image source

The Couple’s Marriage Crashed After More Than a Decade

While lamenting about his daughter’s recent traditional marriage that did not recognize his position as the bride’s father. Ngozi Ezeonu’s ex-husband painted a vivid picture of how their union hit the rocks in 2013. According to the father of three, he returned from work on one fateful day to behold an empty house. Without prior notice, the Nollywood actress relocated the kids from their father’s house. Edwin was only able to get the details from his landlord.

Edwin admitted that he saw that coming and already had an inkling that his wife was arranging another apartment. Upon verifying this, Edwin said he called Ngozi to caution her about splitting the family, but the woman turned deaf ears to his warnings. On their life as husband and wife, Edwin told a tale of how supportive and encouraging he was as a husband to Ngozi, giving her the necessary boost to succeed as a seasoned actress; yet, she never valued his effort. The embittered father revealed how the actress never contributed to the family’s upkeep and how he continued carrying his children’s expenses even after she left their matrimonial home.

Edwin mentioned that he only fathered three children with the Nollywood star as at the time they lived together, one girl and two boys and that Ngozi should desist from using his surname since they are divorced. According to Edwin, their divorce was finalized at the Lagos high court, precisely in the Ikeja Judicial Division at Suit No ID/429/HD/2013. Edwin said the court gave a legal dissolution of their marriage on the 2nd of January 2015, bringing an end to the union between Ngozi Denis Ikpelue and Edwin Ezeonu. He mentioned that the actress has been deceiving fans by pretending that she is still married to him but advises her to drop the name Ezeonu. Unfortunately, Ngozi is yet to share her side of the story. Thus, we cannot categorically say exactly what led to their divorce.

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