The Truth About Forrest Fenn And His Hidden Treasure Chest

It is believed that somewhere around the Rocky Mountains, approximately a thousand miles between the Canadian border and Santa Fe, New Mexico lays a treasure chest which contents is worth nothing short of $2 million. Forrest Fenn, an octogenarian who claims that he hid this treasure way back in 2010 have launched a treasure search with clues hinted in both his poem and memoir.

According to Forrest Fenn, an estimate of 350,000 treasure hunters have already gone in search of the chest CNBC said. He also disclosed to the media outlet that it is not possible to know whether any of those hunters have ever gotten close as the chest he said, could be discovered soon or even a thousand years from now. The art dealer told NPR in 2016 that he is the only one that knows where the chest is located, and no other person is privy to this information, not even his wife, so when he passes on, this knowledge will be buried with him forever. The major clue from the old man is just an enigmatic 24-line poem he shared on Instagram; the poem can be found in the Former Vietnam fighter pilot’s self-published memoir.

The Truth About Forrest Fenn

Forest Fenn was a Vietnam War veteran who served the country in his capacity as a pilot with the Air Force. Through the course of his career in the military, he attained the rank of a major and his stellar services which include flying 328 combat missions within a period of 365 days earned the former pilot the Silver Star.

The Veteran has since retired from active services in the Air Force and partnered with Rex Arrowsmith to run the Arrowsmith-Fenn Gallery that later became known as the Fenn Galleries which Forest Fenn runs alongside Peggy, his wife. The location of the gallery is in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and it focuses on the sale of a collection of American Indian artifacts, bronze sculptures, paintings, and lots more, including some forgeries of artwork by the likes of Monet, Modigliani, and Degas. According to reports, the gallery is known to gross over $6 million annually.

The Onset of the Hunt for the Hidden Treasure Chest

It happened that Forest Fenn was diagnosed with ostensibly terminal cancer in 1988. The prognosis inspired the old war veteran to take the decision which led him to hide a chest filled with treasure in an unknown location with the aim of launching a public search for the chest. He also had the private intentions of making the place his final resting place when he finally dies, with the hidden treasure serving as his legacy.

However, Forrest Fenn made a complete recovery from the illness and in 2010, published his memoir titled The Thrill of the Chase: A Memoir which is in fact, a compilation of abridged stories of the octogenarian’s life. Components of the book include the description of a treasure chest which according to the war veteran contains priceless items like rare coins, gold nuggets, gemstones, as well as pieces of jewelry. Fenn says the chest was hidden at a location in the Rocky Mountains, somewhere in the northern side of Santa Fe.

Also in the book is a vague clue in the form of a poem pointing to the location of the hidden treasures which should be deciphered by anyone intelligent enough to unravel the enigma that is the 24-line poem that Forrest Fenn has also posted on Instagram to the easy reach of all that might be interested. The poem provoked an extended search in the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado, as well as Montana. Though it is all dependent on the appraisal of all items involved, the value of the chest’s content is estimated at a whopping $2 million.

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Before the commencement of the hunt, Forrest Fenn had some conflict over Federal antiquities law with the authorities which led to his house being raided by the agents of the FBI in 2009. This raid was in line with an ongoing investigation into the looting of artifacts in the Four Corners area as well as items that were seized. However, the octogenarian was never charged to court. A couple of people that were targeted in the case ended up committing suicide and Fenn put the blame on the FBI.

The hunt for the hidden treasure has continued to intensify even after four people have lost their lives in the hunt. On his own part, Forrest Fenn has refused to end the search after being publicly implored by the Mexican police chief Pete Kassetas in 2017, so the fire is still on.

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