Four Handy Tips To Up Your Funny Bone

Why be funny? We know you do not want to be a clown and we get that, but a little humor has always proven to be a good ally, useful in everything from breaking down barriers, enlivening conversations to making people feel comfortable, it’s a formidable skill to possess in any daily endeavor.

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So I dare say that you would want to learn to better utilize the tool of humor; as a boss, you want to know how to ease your employees into sharing things, as an employee, you want to know how to alleviate the general stress and contribute to a positive work environment and as a new relationship hopeful, you sure would like to know how to elicit a smile from your partner, so let us help you. Here are four tips you can use to up your humor game;

Tell Stories Rather Than Outright Jokes: There is almost nothing I can compare to the feeling (in a social context of course, not compared to tragic events) of putting yourself out there as a jokester and having people looking like you with a type of pity, like you have in fact lost your mind. So, rather than making a statement that hinges itself only on one punchline, trying telling a story that has humorous elements included. That way even if people do not fall down laughing, it’s no big deal because you were only telling a story and if they do laugh after all, well, you the boss!

Laughing smiley

Note Down Things You Find Funny: Even the greats don’t just get up and try to be funny, they are very deliberate in storing funny thoughts or observations that occur or happen to them over time. You should do so too, so you can easily reach for the material and proceed to make your friends laugh.

Get To The Funny Part Quick: Yes, we said you should tell stories, but keep them brief, skip the boring, uninteresting parts that are sure to make people turn off before you get halfway. Offer the meat of the gist as soon as you can, your audience will greatly appreciate it.


If You Can Pull It Off, Use Voices: Alternate your vocal inflections, put emphasis on specific words, change the tone of your voice to depict different characters or view points in the story, when done well, this is absolutely hilarious

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