Foxy Brown Biography – Details About Her Net Worth and Family Life

Rolling as a rapper is not one of the easiest paths when it comes to music. Often times, rappers are expected to work more on their breath control and lyrical contents, unlike other regular music genres who can cover tracks with the music beat. Foxy Brown on her part has made a lot of hits and has lived up as one of the best lady rappers in history. She has collaborated with other music legends and has also traded the part of being a hip-hop artist briefly.

Despite being successful, Foxy Brown is a regular in the hands of the police, she has been arrested on several occasions and has even served a jail term. After being in several relationships, she recently birthed a daughter but details about the father of her child have been hidden away from the world. Her career, family life and every other single detail you need to know about her is detailed in the article below.

Foxy Brown Biography

Growing up in a home that is torn apart is quite devastating, Fox Brown was raised in such a home. She was born to Keith Stahler (father) who left his family to pursue his musical career and Judith Marchand (mother) who took it upon herself to raise her child single-handedly. Foxy was born and named Inga DeCarlo Fung Marchand on September 6, 1987, in New York City. Inga is an American by nationality and belongs to Afro-Trinidadian and Chinese-Trinidadian ethnicity. Education wasn’t what Foxy Brown wanted, she just had the passion for music and wanted to give it her all. So, she was only privileged to have attended Brooklyn College Academy.

Her pursuit for music started when she was a teen and at that stage, she gathered a lot of recognition and even won a contest in her neighborhood. Her fame grew as the days rolled by in her local environment and it was at this point, she got an offer from Trackmasters and later signed with them.

With the Trackmasters, her musical career began to take a form. Firstly, she was offered a role to feature in the LL Cool‘s Track titled I Shot Ya, that track bloomed her way to the top leading her way to various collaborations including Jay-Z‘s Ain’t No… Case’s Tease Me, Tease Me and Total’s No One Else. As a result of her success syndrome, a lot of other record labels took a keen interest in the young lady, after much ado, she decided to sign with Def Jam Records.

Prior to that, she started working on her personal solo album when she was just sixteen, she titled it III Na Na, when the song was finally released, the song also topped as the number 7 spot on the Billboard 200 sales chart. A year later, Foxy Brown joined a hip-hop group named The Firm alongside AZ, Nas, and Nature. Everything about recording her own song or album was then brought to a halt as she took her time to put her all in the group. Years went by and in 1999, she stormed the world with her album Chyna Doll featuring Jay–Z, Total, Mya, and DMX. With that album, she was named as the first female rapper who topped the charts and also the youngest ever to do that.

Foxy Brown decided to do something else apart from music the following few years, she went into modeling, advertising campaigns and a lot more other worthy endeavors in the entertainment world. When she got to her fill, she went back to music and released yet another album titled Broken Silence (2001). She also recorded a few tracks for some movies that same year. The following years weren’t jolly for the rapper as she encountered a lot of legal issues.

Then in 2006, she decided to leave Def Jam Recordings but she still kept a good relationship with the CEO of the company Jay Z and also later recorded a lot of songs with him. No one knew what went wrong with Foxy Brown’s hearing but all that got to the headlines was details of a corrective hearing surgery that year. Even after the surgery, her hearing defect cost her a lot, she was dropped by Jay Z as a result of her poor performances. Later on, she signed with Black Hand Entertainment, there, she worked on her album, Black Roses. Currently, the music diva is managed by the Koch Records and with them, she has produced a few other songs.

Net Worth

Having done a lot of things to make wealth, Foxy has made a lot of fortune from her career and has also spent a lot of money on her many legal problems. She has been held behind bars on different occasions and has also been arrested for driving without a license. The rapper has a lot of responsibilities when it comes to being a mother, so her estimated worth isn’t as plentiful as one would expect. She is estimated to be worth $2.5 million.

Children, Parents and Family Life

Foxy Brown seems to be one of the private superstars one would ever come across, she has not only successfully hidden details of her immediate family but also her own family. In as much as we know the music diva has a straight sexual orientation and is, of course, one of the most endowed ladies ever, she sure has been involved in a lot of relationships.

Foxy Brown
Foxy Brown and Spragga Benz

One of her affairs that was once publicized was that with Spragga Benz, the two kept their relationship on a very low key until 2001 when they announced their engagement. They disappointed a lot of their fans who were expecting the date of their nuptial vows as they announced their break off just a few years after. Following that, rumors had it that she got engaged to Rick Ross, however, details on how true it was, has not been proven.

Foxy Brown gave birth to her daughter in 2017, no one knows who the baby’s father is and she has also chosen to keep details of the child off records.

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