Emmanuel Macron: 39-Year Old Becomes Youngest French President

In one of the most sensitive elections in France, Emmanuel Macron has emerged the president-elect of the country, beating long time political amazon, Marine Le Pen.

At 39, Macron has become the youngest president in French political history.

Analysts consider that a number of conditions in France contributed to his victory on Sunday.

In what is considered a decisive win, Macron had 66% of the votes while Marine Le pen of the far right party had about 34% of the votes.

Both candidates disagreed on many issues, especially on European Union and immigration.

Macron’s supporters gathered in jubilation, waving French flags in the grand courtyard of the Louvre, the vast Paris palace-turned-museum.

Emmanuel Macron

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Emmanuel Macron has no prior experience in politics. However, he ran independently for the election while setting up a movement called “En Marche”, which means “On the Move”.

A couple of months ago, Marine Le Pen of the National Front was the leading candidate; followed by Macron and François Fillon who dropped out of the race for his involvement in a scandal.

Le pen who share the same sentiment with Trump on immigration and LGBT issues has conceded defeat.

She mentioned in her manifesto that the same sex marriage law will have to be revoked. On immigration matters, she said she would “suspend all legal immigration, restore border controls and then limit immigration to 10,000 annually”.

Foreign criminals especially those with Islamic extremism links would face deportation.

Le Pen

Marine Le Pen is the president of the National Front (FN), a prominent political party in France. She succeeded her father as the party’s president in 2011.

Though defeated, Le Pen was grateful to have done better than the party’s record when her father contested. French report says that she gathered twice the electoral votes in 2002.

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From Obama to Trump and to 39-year old Macron, inexperience seems to be taking the cake in Western politics.

Just like Obama, Macron is the youngest French president ever; and like Trump, he is politically inexperienced.

Recall that a stunt was pulled sometime ago in Paris where over 43,000 French citizens signed a petition for the immediate past US president to be hired for the job of the French presidency.

Though the signatories gathered were for the fun of it; it indirectly pointed to the fact that the people were dissatisfied with the caliber of people contesting for the presidency.

On the other hand the organizers of the mock campaign for Obama stated that they would not mind having a young and dynamic president like the past US president was.

Evidently Macron fits the expected picture. The latest president elect was once an investment banker. President Hollande later appointed him the economy minister.

Incumbent François Hollande has congratulated Macron on his victory,

“His large victory confirms that a very great majority of our citizens wanted to unite around the values of the Republic and show their attachment to the European Union and show France is open to the world.”

Just as with the US election, many French citizens were confused about who to vote for. Nevertheless Macron’s win has shut out populist tendencies as propagated by Le Pen.

The president elect of Europe’s largest economy, Emmanuel Macron has promised to build bridges instead of fences. He wants a more unified France.

“A new chapter in our long history has opened this evening,”

“I would like it to be one of hope and of confidence rediscovered.”