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Frankie Adams is one of Hollywood’s fast-rising stars. Even though she has only featured in a handful of movies and TV series, her excellent performances already show that she is one actress to watch out for. One of her most popular projects till date is the sci-fi series, The Expanse. In the futuristic series, Adams capably portrays Bobby Draper, a nationalist soldier from Mars fighting for the independence of her planet. Find out more about this rising starlet here including her height and other interesting facts about her.

Frankie Adams’ Age and Family Background

It was on the 3rd of January and in the year 1994 that Frankie Adams was birthed. He was born in Savai’i, Samoa. Samoa is an independent country located near New Zealand. Her mother’s name is Lau while her father’s name is Allan Adams. The actress also has two younger sisters named Julie and Flo-Jo.

Adams spent the first three years of her life in Samoa. However, when she was three, her family relocated to Mt Albert, Auckland, New Zealand. In New Zealand, Frankie Adams attended the Auckland Girls Grammar School. On finishing school, she focused on pursuing a career in acting. Frankie Adams landed her first role at the age of 16. This was in the popular NZ soap opera, Shortland Street. In the series, she played the role of Ula Levi, a teenager who struggles with several issues including an unplanned pregnancy. Adams spent five years on the show during which she appeared in over two hundred episodes.

After Shortland Street, Adams next appeared in an Australian TV series known as Wentworth. This was in the year 2016 and she played the role of a troubled teenager who finds herself behind bars after breaking the law. Adams’ stint on Wentworth only lasted for two episodes before she landed her first Hollywood role on The Expanse in 2017.

Frankie Adams’ work has not been restricted to the small screen. She has also appeared in a few movies namely One Thousand Ropes (2016) and Mortal Engines (2017). In One Thousand Ropes, she plays the role of a daughter who embarks on a journey of reconciliation with her estranged father. The touching movie was produced by the New Zealand Film Commission.

Who’s Her Boyfriend?

Frankie Adams/ Instagram

Adams is in a relationship with a New Zealander named Vinnie Bennett. Bennett is also a fast-rising actor. He has featured in movies such as Human Traces, Fantail, Beyond the Known World, The Shannara Chronicles, and Ghost in The Shell. In 2017, he was named amongst four international rising stars at the Toronto Film Festival.

Adams and Bennett reportedly commenced their relationship in 2017. Even though the couple is keeping their relationship private, they do not hesitate to express their love for each other online. In September 2017, Adams used her official Instagram handle to wish Bennett a happy birthday.

Height and Other Body Stats

Frankie Adams is quite tall. She stands at 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 m) and weighs 60 kg (132 lb). She also has black hair and hazel-colored eyes. Adams’ towering height helped her to land the role of Bobby Draper on The Expanse. Prior to casting Adams for the role, the directors were worried that they won’t be able to find an actress who is tall and of Polynesian heritage. However, when they saw Adams’ audition tapes, it was a match made in heaven

Interesting Facts About Frankie Adams

1. She has dual Samoan-New Zealand nationality. Her Samoan nationality is due to the fact that her mom is from Samoa. Her New Zealand nationality is due to the fact that she has lived there for a long time and probably applied for citizenship at some point.

2. Apart from her acting talents, Adams is also a good boxer. Her boxing skills have proved to be a blessing. It helped her land her first Hollywood role in The Expanse.

3. As part of her preparations for The Expanse, Adams spent more than a month training with former army trainers. They put her in prime physical shape for the role.

4. Frankie Adams took part in a boxing match in December 2014. Her opponent was a popular New Zealand blogger, Millie Elder-Holmes. Even though Adams lost the match, it was all for a good cause. The match was part of KFC’s fight for life event which raises money for several charitable causes.

5. Adams lost her dad at the age of six. He died of a heart attack. He, however, remains evergreen in their memories. This is thanks to the Auckland Skytower which he helped to build. The Skytower is the 25th tallest tower in the world. It is a popular tourist attraction in Auckland.

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