Free Tuition For Nigerian Students In Turkish Schools

Turkey’s failed coup led to the closure of various universities as well as the dismissal of various academic professors.

However, it seems the Turkish government is bound to make up for it by granting free tuition to Nigerian students in the closed Universities.

Free tuition is now being granted to Nigerians who were enrolled in any of the closed Turkish private universities. Not only this, but they are also being moved to public(government) schools where they are expected to continue their education.

According to Nigeria’s Vanguard, the Ambassador of Turkey to Nigeria,  His Excellency Mr. Hakan Cakil confirmed on Friday that all Nigerian students in the closed private universities have been moved to public ones that are closer to them and granted reduced fees.

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He made this statement during a visit to the minister of education, Mallam Adamu Adamu in Abuja. He also guaranteed the minister of Education that Nigerians’ education were being taken care of to prevent them being affected by the failed coup crisis. He added that any Nigerian student wishing to return home amidst the closure of the universities was doing so by their own choice.

The minister expressed gratitude to the ambassador stating that Nigeria would continue its work in strengthening and deepening education cooperation between both countries.

The aftermath of Turkey’s failed coup attempt against Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan saw many schools in Turkey close down, teaching licenses revoked, in the government’s crackdown against terrorists. This also led to numerous Deans in Turkish universities resigning.

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Although the reduced tuition for Nigerian students who were enrolled in now-closed Turkish private universities is yet to be confirmed officially, it is no doubt a welcomed good news to Nigerians in Turkey. Also, if this applies to all foreign students, Africans will no doubt benefit from this considering  they make up most of the foreign students in Turkish Universities.