More than having a million things to do each day, the question remains, how many of those things are you able to successfully achieve and give yourself a pat on the back as a result? Like most things in life, productivity is driven by a mindset and this particular mindset maximizes every available opportunity to get what it wants. So here’s five tips you can apply to your life to increase your productivity and join the ranks of inspirational people who utilize their 24 hours awesomely;


Focus On What Matters: No doubt at every point in our lives there are about five things vying for our attention, whether its a relationship that needs some oiling up or menial chores that have to be done, your mind is sure to pull you every which way. Highly productive people have established and clear goals and a long-term vision, They apply their focus to the things that are most important to the achievement of those goals.

Learn The Difference Between Important And Urgent: We can’t certainly say focus on what’s important and leave you hanging. You have to be able to tell what is really important. Urgent things are often things that stem from a deadline that needs to be met. You can keep many urgent things at bay if you do things on time or learn to delegate. This will stop unimportant urgent issues from stealing the time you need to focus on important things.

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Plan Your Day And Have Set Routines: Plan your day, we sometimes believe it’s better to wing it, but even those few minutes you spend deciding what next to do count for something and they can be avoided with a flexible day plan. Having routines also help to free up brain power and time. That way you don’t have to make an event over doing a particular thing. For instance, laying out your clothes the night before will take away the struggle of obsessing over what exactly to wear to work the next day.

Have A Neat And Organized Space: You need to be able to know where everything is. This does not mean that your desk or room has to be pristine, but having a system where you are sure of where things go will save you time spent hunting down missing items and keep you up to date every time.


Do Not Be A Perfectionist: Perfectionism may sound like a good thing, but needing everything to be just right and perfect may not allow you to move onto other tasks as you will tend to stay obsessing over what else you can do for the current one. Learn to let go of things that you cannot make better immediately, you may have time to come around to it later, or you may not, either ways, keep it moving, that way you increase your productivity

Salvage Wasted Time: This is our bonus point on the matter of productivity but it is so important, not every activity or event is under your control, like a flight may be delayed or a meeting may be late in starting, you should have a couple of light things that you can do in those periods. Answer emails, make personal calls, start research on another project, just find a quick filler for that moment.

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