From ‘Hawking’ All The Way To Cover Page – The Story Of Olajumoke Orisaguna

Who has ever known the value of the tiniest insignificant life moments we perhaps take for granted; people have become billionaires in the twinkle of an eye. In split seconds, changes you never imagined become realities. It’s like taking a look from another’s eye and discovering you’ve been lost all along in your own assumptions; deceived by your own eyes.

Olajumoke Orisaguna’s story is one of those that make you truly appreciate how one unnoticed fleeting moment can open doors, break down barriers and change one’s life forever. Popular media personality and top-notch photographer, T.Y Bello shares the life story of a bread hawker in the streets of Lagos whose life took a dramatic turn for the better in just 3 weeks.

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Olajumoke Orisaguna is a 27-year-old wife and mother of two who in search of greener pastures, found her way to Lagos on an invitation from a relation to hawk bread. Taking her chances, she relocated from Osun State to Lagos with her 14 month old daughter, abandoning her hair stylist job in Ire, Osun state. She also left her 5-year-old behind with the husband, whose income was not solely enough to fend for them all.

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In good spirit, she went about her bread business. Coincidentally, she featured in T.Y Bello’s outdoor shots for a client. Unknown to her, she had become a sort of star as someone took notice of her and showed her the image on Facebook. As fate would have it, Olajumoke was led to Bello’s studio, where she narrated her story. In Bello’s words,

“As I listened to her, I wandered if the beauty I had seen on my screen as I edited my image was a fluke ..well until she smiled. I realized that I was wrong. I had in fact underestimated the beauty of this 27-year-old woman. As always, it was her eyes and of course her perfectly chiseled features that jumped out at you when she chuckled. This lady belonged in front of my camera. After a conversation with her husband telling him the story of our meeting, I decided I was going to photograph her that very afternoon. Within an hour, Bimpe Onakoya, one of Nigeria’s leading makeup artists, and Zubby, one of my favorite hairstylists, were at my studio to work magic.”

And Magic they did make! The hidden damsel or rather the effortless beauty made a striking cover story for one of Nigeria’s Lifestyle magazines – This Day Style. Check this out!



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Olajumoke- TYBello

Image(s) Source: TY Bello