FRSC Plate Number Verification – How To Check and Verify Your Registration Plate

Understanding how to go about your FRSC plate number verification is very important if you are a car owner in Nigeria. For the record, without a registered plate number, it is illegal to drive on Nigerian roads and the Federal Road Safety Corps won’t be easy on you if you are caught in the act. Therefore, registering your plate number in Nigeria is of utmost importance.

However, if the proper registration process is not followed, there are chances that a car owner may fall victim to quack plate number registration vendors. As a matter of fact, many drivers have fake plate numbers without even knowing it. This is why you need to know how to verify your plate number once it is done.

FRSC Plate Number Verification: Steps To Follow

It is noteworthy that the plate number is the authorized legal identity that is given to a car owner or user. This is what authorizes the car owner to drive on the road. The number is not shared, not too difficult to get, and is usually issued by the FRSC. Checking the authenticity of your plate number is quite simple.

If you are in a fix about how to go about your FRSC plate number verification, check out the different methods you can adopt to do this.

You Can Carry Out FRSC Plate Number Verification Through The Agency’s Website

This is one of the simple ways you can carry out the FRSC plate number verification. All you need to do here is visit the agency’s webpage dedicated to the National Vehicle Identification System and follow the instructions to get things done.

  • To get started, click here. When you do this, the webpage (as seen below) will be displayed for you.

FRSC Plate Number Verification

  • When the page opens up, click on the “Verify Number Plate” option and this will take you to another page where you will be asked to insert your number plate for verification.

FRSC Plate Number Verification

  • Simply proceed to enter the plate number you’re trying to verify and click on “Submit”.
  • After clicking on “Submit”, the information about your vehicle will be displayed for you if it has indeed been properly registered with the FRSC. However, if it has not been properly done and your plate number is fake, what you will see will be “null” feedback.

Verify Your FRSC Plate Number Through SMS

This is one of the easiest ways to go about your FRSC Plate Number Verification. This process is specially designed for people who cannot afford to go through the rigors of navigating the FRSC website. All you need to do is use the short message service (SMS) on your phone to do the verification. Let’s walk you through the processes:

  • First, type “VerifyPlateNo” followed by your plate number. For instance, if your plate number is LAG436J5, then type “VerifyPlateNo LAG436J5”. Be careful to use the correct information, otherwise, the process will not be successful.
  • After typing this, send it to the number 33324 via SMS.
  • You will then receive a message stating whether or not your plate number is authentic.

Carry Out FRSC Plate Number Verification Via The Agency’s App

The FRSC has designed an app to help car owners register their plate numbers without any stress. We are living in an era when technology has completely taken over so this is no surprise at all. All you have to do is download the app and use it to carry out your plate number verification.

  • First, download the FRSC app on your smartphone. For Andriod users, the app can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore and iPhone users can get it from App Store.
  • After downloading the app, enter your plate number in the space provided for ‘Enter Plate No’ and then click on Verify.
  • You will receive results that will show you whether or not your plate number is correct.

Make sure to take matters into your hands if the information you get does not match your vehicle or motorcycle. You can visit the agency’s branch closest to you to get this sorted out.

Why Verifying Your Plate Number May Be Obligatory

Apart from just making sure that your plate number is valid, other reasons may arise that might make verifying plate numbers very obligatory for people.

  • In the case of an armed robbery, if the plate number of the robbers is sighted, people can report it immediately to the police so that it can be traced.
  • In the case of a stolen vehicle, the owner of the missing automobile must submit the plate number for verification and tracing to the police.

In any case, driving without a plate number attracts a fine and this is outlined in the offense sheet pursuant to section 10(4), 28(2) of the FRSC (establishment) act, 2007, and regulation 220 of NRTR, 2012.

How To Know A Car’s Spec From Its Number Plate

Today, it is possible to find out a car’s specifications just by knowing its number plate. There are many online platforms currently offering these Car Spec Check services, including Car Analytics and RapidCarCheck.

All you need to do is enter the registered plate number in the required space on the website and it will send back the specifications of the car in question. Some of the information you will see here include:

  • The make and model of the car
  • Its fuel type
  • The car’s engine size
  • It’s transmission
  • The car’s brake horsepower (BHP)
  • The age of the car, and others

This Is How To Register Your Plate Number

Like we have already stressed above, it is extremely important to have a registered plate number if you are a car owner in Nigeria. Even if you are not a car owner, driving on expressways in a car without a plate number can land you in serious trouble. So, one of the first things to do when you buy a car is to get a registered plate number.

But how do you go about registering your number plate? Let us walk you through the processes.

Register Your Vehicle

The first step to take is to register your vehicle by visiting the FRSC Vehicle Registration page. On the page, fill all the required spaces, providing answers to all the questions asked, including your vehicle make, vehicle category, and engine number among others.

  • Proceed To The State Board of Internal Revenue or Motor Licensing Authority

After registering your vehicle online, print the form and attach your car documents. Visit the State Board of Internal Revenue or Motor Licensing Authority to continue the procedure.

At the State Board of Internal Revenue or Motor Licensing Authority, you will be asked to pay for a plate number which will be issued to you in due time. It usually costs between N50,000 to N80,000 depending on the type of plate number you want.

Get A Roadworthiness Certificate

After getting your plate number, you will have to go to a Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO) and subject your car to thorough scrutiny. Afterward, you will be given a roadworthiness certificate if the officers are satisfied.

Visit The Road Saftey Corps For Document Verification

After you have gotten your roadworthiness certificate, you will have to visit the Federal Road Safety Corps to have your documents verified. The documents you need to present include the following:

  1. Insurance Policy Number
  2. Driver’s License
  3. Proof of address
  4. ID card

Get Your Plate Number

After getting your documents verified, go back to your State Board of Internal Revenue or Motor Licensing Authority with your roadworthiness certificate and proof of certificate verification. After this, your Proof of Ownership Cerficitae (POC) number will be printed and handed to you. Also, your Vehicle Identification Tag (VIT0 and Vehicle Plate Number will be given to you.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Plate Number in Nigeria?

The duration of time it takes to get your plate number is not fixed as it depends on a number of factors, including how many people are in line and other things. However, it usually takes about a week to get everything ready.

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