Full Meaning of UEW OSIS & SIP and All The Things You Can do On It

Organizations, businesses, and even educational institutions are leveraging the opportunities the internet has to offer to handle all sorts of activities. One of such education institutions that have taken advantage of this opportunity is the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) which has a user-friendly student portal that assists with different purposes to make student information management easy.

What Does UEW OSIS & SIP Stand For?

UEW OSIS stands for the University of Education Winneba Online Student Information System while SIP’s full meaning is Student Information Portal. However, these terms are also IT and programming terms which can mean Open Source Information System (OSIS) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Irrespective of these different meanings, these terms are simply gateways via which students gain easy access to information about the school online.

However, SIP is notable for its specific function which is to motion protocols that are needed to initiate, modify and maintain real-time communications connecting two or more endpoints on any IP network. These gateways have helped to improve the interface of UEW’s students portal thereby making the University of Education, Winneba students’ information management easy and accessible.

How Do I Login On The UEW Student Portal?

In order to login to the UEW student portal, you are required to be a registered student of UEW who has:

– UEW Student Portal Account
– An internet-enabled device
– UEW student username or ID
– Password
– Login URL.

When the above requirements have been fully met, follow the steps below to log in:

  1. Visit the URL sip.uew.edu.gh.
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Click on the Login tab.
  4. To save your password, click on the Remember Me box.
  5. Wait for a few seconds and your student account will be open.

What Tasks Can Students Carry Out On The UEW Portal?

The UEW online platform is technically the fastest way to get a lot of academic and payment procedures completed within a short time. Some of those things you can on the portal are outlined below:

1. Admission Application

Students who have gained admission into UEW can purchase the varsity’s admission form at a cost of GH¢250.00 (Local Applicants) and $100 (Foreign Applicants and Ghanaian Applicants) from any of the authorized banks below:

  • GCB
  • Ecobank
  • Unibank
  • HFC Bank
  • Universal Merchant
  • Bank
  • Prudential Bank
  • Zenith Bank
  • ADB Bank

When you must have purchased the form

  1. Go online and search for the UEW website.
  2. On the search bar, type APPLY FOR ADMISSION then search.
  3. When the page loads, select your preferred program.
  4. Go through the requirements and click on APPLY ONLINE.
  5. Type in Voucher Serial Number on the section provided.
  6. Then enter your voucher pin.

N.B: For your application to be successful, you should ensure that the following documents are attached to the application form

1. Academic Certificates.

2. Transcripts of the academic record.

3. A recent passport photograph.

4. 3 referees’ reports – these reports are to be submitted by the referees to The Dean
School of Graduate Studies, UEW.

More so, a change of course after you have submitted your application forms will NOT be allowed. Furthermore, any change of address MUST be communicated at once to the Dean, School of Graduate Studies.

Full Meaning of UEW OSIS & SIP and All The Things You Can do On It

2. Course Registration

Existing UEW students who want to register for their courses can simply do this by following the steps below:

  1. Go to UEW portal and click on UEW LMS.
  2. Type in your Index Number as the username.
  3. The same Index number should be used as your password.
  4. When you log in as a first-time user, you will be asked to change your password. Set a new password and save changes.
  5. Click on the tab, CONTINUE.
  6. Next, you can search for courses using Course Code/Title then select the course when it appears on the screen.
  7.  For courses that require an enrollment key which is usually set by the course lecturer. Get the key and input where indicated.
  8. Then select ENROL ME to get onboard.

3. Change Of Login Password

There are possibilities that you may forget or misplace your login password and thereby get denied access to your account. It might also be that someone tried logging into your account with a different password severally and was denied access, thus complicated the login process. Do not fret, this can be handled on the UEW portal.

Below is a step to step guide on how to change your account password on the student portal:

1. Log in to the UEW portal.

2. Select, ‘Forgot Password’.

3. A page will pop up redirecting, click on the redirection option.

4. Once are on the page, enter your Username and select submit.

5. A link will be forwarded to your email through which you can change your password.

4. Checking Of Admission Slots

For aspiring students who would like to gain admission into UEW, you can check available admission slots to help you in your preparations. The steps to get you started include:

  1. Purchase a voucher from the Ghana Post office or any other authorized bank nationwide.

2. Visit the online UEW Admission list/status portal that has been provided for that session.

3. Enter the pin and serial number on the voucher.

4. Select LOGIN and you will gain access to your UEW Admission status.

5 You can then print several copies of your UEW Admission Letter.

7. One of the printed copies of your Admission Letter MUST be forwarded to the school.

8. You can then pay your fees at any authorized bank(s) listed in your Admission Letter.

N.B: Ensure that your fees are paid before the given deadline to avoid forfeiture of your admission.

Other tasks that can be carried out on the UEW portal include:

  • Viewing of the academic calendar
  • Checking the extra credit hours available
  • Deferment of your admission

Different UEW Helplines You Can Contact 

If you encounter difficulties signing into the UEW portal, do not fret, there are other efficient ways you can use to get to the school. The different helplines that have been provided can also be reached anytime and they will be able to help you solve any pending problem.

Find the contacts for the different campus of the varsity below:


[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Vice-Chancellor: (03323)22361
Pro-Vice-Chancellor: (03323)22137
Registrar: (03323)22269
Reception: (03323)22139/22140


[email protected]


Principal: (03220)53602
Reception: (03220)50331


[email protected]



Telephone no : (03321)93774

Mampong Campus


Telephone no: 03222 22232

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