It is becoming a common happenstance for countries of Africa to attack each other in a war of words. The other time, it was sports war called #SomeoneTellNigeria which was between Kenyans and Nigerians. This time, #KenyansVsNigeians is trending onΒ Twitter once more and it’s like a super war where both Nigerians and Kenyans are after each other’s blood. They engage in a bitter act of pointing out each other’s faults and shortcomings and posting up on Twitter with the said hashtag #KenyansVsNigerians.

Well, nobody really knows whether Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to both Nigeria and Kenya triggered the fight between the two countries located in different regions of the African continent. But the way I look at it, they’re both doing so great in the Twitter battle and we are getting a comicΒ relief from the fight. Incredible people! Maybe at some point, people are just going to give up. I don’t know, but for now, let’s enjoy ourselves. Here are some of our favorite tweets from the on-going fight.

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