Gabi Dugal – Bio, Family and Facts About Scotty McCreery’s Wife

Celebrities often share their fame with people very close to them, especially in the way of marriage. That’s exactly the case of Gabi Dugal who despite not being involved with the media in any way, came to the limelight as a result of her romantic relationship with the fast-rising American Country musician and American Idol star, Scotty McCreery.

Gabi Dugal is a nurse by profession. She has known Scotty for virtually her whole life, featuring in several of his popular music videos without coming to public notice. The media only came to know about her after McCreery went public with their relationship. Read on to find out more about her.

Gabi Dugal Bio

Gabi Dugal was born on April 9, 1994, in the Wake County town of Garner, North Carolina, United States. Dugal grew up in her birthplace, alongside her elder sister and only sibling, Paige. She attended the Timber Drive Elementary School and West Lake Middle School, both in Garner. She later completed her high school education in 2012 at the Garner Magnet High School, after which she proceeded to the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, qualifying as a pediatric cardiac nurse in May 2016.

Gabi Dugal currently works at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Duke University Hospital in Durham, North Carolina. She has made appearances in a number of Scotty McCreery’s videos including “The Trouble With Girls,” “Feelin’ It” and “Five More Minutes“.

How She Met and Married Scotty McCreery

Gabi Dugal and Scotty McCreery met many years back as kindergarten pupils in Garner. They became childhood friends but only started dating during senior high school, around the same time McCreery won the American Idol. After dating for about six years, Scotty asked for Gabi’s hand while they hiked on the North Carolina Mountains in September 2017. They subsequently married on the 16th of June, 2018.

The wedding took place at the Twickenham House & Hall in the North Carolina Mountains. It was a very colorful ceremony with about 200 guests comprising mostly relatives and friends in attendance. The fact that Scotty McCreery’s father was his best-man added to the beauty of the occasion. Moreover, Gabi’s childhood pastor conducted the solemnization. Her father also gave a heart-touching tear-evoking speech at the event.

What to Know About Her Family

Gabi Dugal’s family is a budding one, comprising herself and her husband, Scotty McCreery at the moment.

Gabi Dugal with her husband, Scotty McCreery image source

Although Gabi and Scotty are expecting to have kids in their union, they have indicated they are not in a hurry. Meanwhile, the couple is living with their pet dog named Moose with whom they want to start practicing parenting.

Presently living in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband, Dugal usually works over the weekend at Durham so she can be with McCreery on weekdays.

Facts About Scotty McCreery’s Wife

1. Gabi Dugal and her husband, Scotty McCreery are mountain lovers. That’s exactly why the North Carolina Mountains served as the spot for the most significant events of their lives – engagement and marriage.

2. She attended the same schools with McCreery, from elementary to senior high school.

3. Gabi was convinced of marrying Scotty right from her childhood. She had inscribed “Mrs Gabi McCreery” enclosed in a heart on her diary back then.

4. Dugal prefers a behind-the-camera lifestyle. She maintained a secret relationship with McCreery for almost five years, occasionally attending events with him but avoiding paparazzi. She only allowed him to go public about her in 2016 via his Go Big Or Go Home autobiography. Dugal however, took her first red carpet photo at the Country Music Association Awards in 2013.

5. Gabi has been very supportive of Scotty all through the years. Her husband once described her as his rock and grounding force who understands him like no other. He dedicated one of his songs, “This Is It” to the story of their love, engagement, and wedding.

6. She never lived together with Scotty until after their wedding, and has now discovered one of his bad habits – leaving his clothes lying on the floor.

7. Gabi Dugal is a beautiful brunette with dark brown eyes. She stands a few inches shorter than her husband who is 5 feet 10 inches tall.


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