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Gael Anderson is a celebrity with strong roots in the entertainment industry. Despite coming from a showbiz inclined family, Gael is best recognized as a celebrity spouse. A woman who values family above all else, the actress gave up the spotlight for her husband and is in a happier place living as a homemaker. In an industry where celebrity marriages don’t quite last long, Gael and her heartthrob are considered models to many. Here are detailed facts that make the actress, doting wife and mother appear increasingly endearing to fans.


Gael Anderson’s exact birthdate is unknown but it is common knowledge that she is a Brit born in the 1970s. While it is uncertain if she has other siblings, Gael and her brother James Duncan were raised in England. For her academic records, Anderson studied at Downe House School in Thatcham, England. Her other educational endeavors have not been disclosed.

Gael is no stranger to Hollywood as she has been in the industry for about four decades working both behind and in front of the camera. She debuted as an actress with a cameo role in the 1972 film Gone Up North for a While. Gael has since followed up with other acting credits including roles such as Elizabeth in the 1975 film Landfall and as a female cop in the 1976 TV film The God Boy. However, Gael shines more behind the scenes working as a crew member in several movies. Notably is her work as a floor runner for the Channel 4 series Teachers. She has several other crew credits on the small and silver screens.

Gael Anderson – Family

Gael Anderson has strong roots in the entertainment industry. She is from a family of creative and artistic minds. A fruit that didn’t fall far from the tree, Gael is the product of Scottish songwriter/singer Ian Anderson’s second marriage to Shona Learoyd. Also a multi-instrumentalist, Ian is best recognized from the British rock band Jethro Tull. Interestingly, Gael is not the only one who inherited her father’s entertainment genes. Her brother James Duncan Anderson towed the same path and is a member of their father’s band. More so, James is also a talent agent and an integral part of the Hole Agency, a label which represents artists.

Down generational lines, Gael Anderson is happily married to her significant other Andrew Lincoln. The heartthrobs’ love story sounds like one out of a fairytale movie. They first crossed paths in 2001 on the set of the series Teachers. While Gael worked as a supporting crew member, her future husband was a guest director for the movie. They soon established a romantic connection and dated for four years before making their relationship official.

Gael Anderson and Andrew Lincoln
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Gael and Andrew exchanged nuptial vows on June 10, 2006, in a quiet wedding ceremony. The family-oriented couple has since expanded their small circle. They are proud parents to two children, Matilda Clutterbuck, welcomed in 2007 and a son Arthur Clutterbuck, who joined the family in 2010.

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Gael and Andrew have shared an inseparable bond for more than a decade. So far, the doting couple and parents have done a good job at separating their professional and personal lives. To the best of their ability, Gael and her hubby have tried to make their kids lead a normal life away from the spotlight. Besides being spotted a few times on family vacations, not much is known about their offspring. Going by their track records together over the years, it is safe to say that Gael and Andrew who live in London are waxing stronger and have settled in forever together.

Other Facts About Andrew Lincoln’s Wife

  • Height

The blonde-haired actress is known for her signature masculine spiky hairstyle akin to that of the legendary British rock star, Rod Stewart. Gael Anderson stands tall at a height of 5 feet 9 inches, complemented by weight of about 58 kg. She has maintained a slim build over the years even after two children.

  • Andrew Lincoln’s ‘App’

Gael Anderson is very tech-savvy as disclosed by her husband. According to Lincoln who usually struggles with tech gadgets including smartphones, his ‘app’ wife always comes to his rescue. Gael’s husband also credits her for his career success so far. She is adept at keeping the home front running in Atlanta while Andrew travels around cities filming.

  • Social Media

Despite their celebrity status, it is no secret that Gael Anderson and Andrew Lincoln prefer to live a low-key lifestyle. As much as possible, they shy away from the spotlight. Though tech-savvy, the actress does not have an active social media life. Our investigations reveal she is absent on popular social networking sites including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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